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Why Great Design Makes Your Business Better

Why Great Design Makes Your Business Better

As consumers, we wouldn’t have much to work with if there wasn’t design to help us discern, differentiate and decide. Design is inherent in our world. It’s ingrained.  We see it in the natural beauty of the earth and we see it in the urban landscapes that we have carved out as civilisations over the span of time. Design is inescapable and so it only makes sense that in the world of finance, business, commercial ventures and retail, that design plays a huge role in helping us to make our decisions. Just like mypaper writer plays an important role in composing a quality essay. Quite often, when purchasing a product or subscribing to a service that helps to find , we examine the surface to the point of scrutiny. After all, it’s our money and we’ve worked hard for it. Whether it’s a chair, a brochure or a website, the look is important as it informs us of the quality, the dedication and the seriousness of the product. Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or an entrepreneur, good design makes good business sense.

Making a Good Impression

They say that first impressions last. This notion can be observed when we meet new people and when we eat. Looks, or in this case aesthetics can go a long way, but more importantly, people are visual creatures. We like pretty things. A well designed logo can make all the difference between getting a customer/client and not getting one.  There’s a belief that getting good branding will cost an arm and a leg, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. The internet has blessed us with easy-to-use apps and with all the design companies listed on the UK stock market, there are some really strong houses available that can facilitate to your branding needs, despite what type of budget you have at hand. If you don’t have the time and there’s a budget available, or if you can procure the funds, then a good graphic design service like Design Pickle can go a long way. The point is that striking, novel and visually arresting imagery is vital to success. 

 Why Great Design Makes Your Business Better

Get With the Times

Trends and modernity will have to figure into your design scheme. In other words, you’ll need to get with the times. While there is a place for traditional or old-school design elements, that would be more niche and you’re here to get bums on seats.  As people, we gravitate towards beauty and there’s a tendency to believe the more beautiful something is, the better it is, even if it isn’t. Whether your business is making an actual product or you’re establishing an online presence, opt for a design that espouses the best of modernity or choose something that most people would deem as timeless.  

Emotional Appeal

When making use of visual design features for the betterment of your business, product or service, do so with the intention to appeal to the customer/client’s emotions.  Exceptional designs combine alluring colour layouts and smart font choices to make meaningful connections with their target market. By marrying the right colours, fonts and shapes, you’re able to showcase the principles around which you’ve built your company, and thus the principles and values that underlie it. All this can be conveyed to the customer by enmeshing the right elements of design. 

 Why Great Design Makes Your Business Better


As important as the visual attributes of your website might be, it’s just as important that your product lend itself to user-friendliness. If it’s something physical, than you have to apply the best ergonomic principles, however, if it’s something designed for the online space, then your website and/or app should be easy to access and navigate. Nothing can turn a potential customer away faster than a site or application that’s bugged down by slow loading speeds and clunky menu options. If there’s any take-away from this, it should be beauty and efficiency.