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Guide to Garage Door Safety Sensors

Guide to Garage Door Safety Sensors

A garage door is an important asset on your property. Not only does it give shelter to your other stuff and vehicles, but it also provides meaningful protection to them. One vital feature of a garage door is a safety sensor. It prevents accidents such as a sudden collapse of your door.

In this article, we’ll give you guides to garage door safety sensors. It will help you know the importance of them and how to tell if they are malfunctioning. You can check below how the sensors work, what causes them to work, and how to know if they’re malfunctioning.

How Do Garage Door Safety Sensor Operates

A garage door sensor works by pressing the remote control that sends a signal to activate the trolley. After receiving the signal, the garage door will move up or down.  While the other buttons are directly wired to the home itself, the other is powered by a remote controller.

In many contemporary garage door openers, they have both remote controller and direct buttons. Also, if you don’t want to have both, you can choose what method you want to use on your garage door.

In cases with remote controlled garage doors, the system itself uses an infrared signal to open your garage door. On the other hand, the push button initiates the door by engaging the motorized trolley and the tracks causing your garage door to move up or down.

 Guide to Garage Door Safety Sensors

Photo-Electric System

A photo-eye system is an infrared beam that is responsible for your garage door safety sensor to work. Without this system, your safety feature will not work and could lead to a malfunctioning garage door.

This system aims to prevent your door from closing down if an object is in your door’s way. Instead of rushing to go down, it will stay in the middle or go upward.

Line Of Vision

Another essential system of a garage door safety sensor is the line of sight. It alerts your garage door to stay in the open position and not to shut down. This system is vital, especially if you have children.

How To Know If Your Safety Sensors Are Not Functioning?

If you want to know the signs of a malfunctioning sensor, you can check them below.

You Cannot Entirely Close Your Garage Door

If you cannot close your garage door even if nothing is blocking the pathway, your garage door sensor might be broken. If it does, call your trusted garage door repair in Nashville, Tennessee, to fix it right away.

Your Garage Door Keeps Closing Even Though There’s an Obstruction

If this is your problem, you have a more significant garage door issue. This type of problem can lead to accidents and cause serious injuries to your children.

That’s why, if you notice that your safety sensors are malfunctioning, you must call for a garage door repair service to address the issue immediately. You can find one with the help of an online business directory.