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Hair Transplant Technologies Available in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is concerned with using state-of-the art modern technology. Hair transplant clinics that are very reputable and offer high-quality care are often those that care about innovation and aim to always improve on current techniques of hair transplantation. 

The hair transplant clinics in Turkey do perform the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, method. This is a modern method of hair transplantation that was pioneered as a better alternative to the Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT, which used to be the method of choice.

There are also variations of the FUE which have been developed over the years since it first came about. Some of these modifications include the sapphire FUE which uses a blade made of sapphire instead of steel. 

Even though the FUE is commonly done, there are many additional techniques and procedures that are done in conjunction with the FUE, which we will discuss next.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen is something that every tissue of the body needs to stay alive and to metabolize, and grow. The oxygen is taken into the body through the lungs when we breathe in, it then passes into the bloodstream and is carried around the body in the blood supply. 

OxyCure is a method that is used in some clinics in Turkey to help with a hair transplant. The oxygen is administered in hyperbaric conditions and is very helpful and effective in aiding the healing of wounds. Studies have shown that the OxyCure procedure is very beneficial for skin wounds, and thus is a useful additional treatment that facilitates healing after hair transplantation.

 Hair Transplant Technologies Available in Turkey

DHI compared with the FUE method

A much more recent type of transplant procedure is called the Direct Hair Implantation method or DHI. This hair transplant is done using a different instrument known as a Choi implanter or Choi pen. The needles that are used in the pen vary in size from 0.4mm up to 2 mm and the idea behind this method is that it increases precision of the procedure. The advantage of being more precise is that it gives finer control of the depth and angle at which a particular hair follicle is to be implanted.

The problem is that this is still a new technique so the number of doctors that can do the DHI is limited in Turkey. Doctors who have been trained in DHI may also not have seen many patients and so it becomes a little riskier to have such a new procedure. In a couple of years when there is more training and more experienced doctors available, it may then be a more suitable option than the FUE.

The other big concern is the cost of a newer procedure. Generally, people are looking for affordable options for their transplant and want assurances that what they are having done will provide the desired results.

In light of this, the FUE and sapphire FUE are still preferable as there are more doctors in Turkey experienced in these methods of hair transplantation, and there is a good record over many years, of successful outcomes.