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Haori Cup by Tomoya Nasuda

Japanese designer Tomoya Nasuda has designed the Haori Cup, a Japanese bentwood drink wear combining two traditional crafts , “Hasami Yaki”, a famous high-quality pottery made in Hasami town and “Hakata Magemono”, the craft of bending wood by hand. The motif of “Haori Cup” is the Japanese cloth called “Haori”. Wrapping the cup by wood bent like cloth, Tamoya has dress up Japanese traditional pottery with Japanese traditional cloth. The project is seeking funds through a Kickstarter campaign – you find out more about it here.

haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-2 haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-3 haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-4 haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-5 haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-6 haori-cup-by-tomoya-nasuda-7

all images and video courtesy of Tomoya Nasuda