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Health-Menacing Injuries in a Manual Workplace and Simple Steps to Avoid Them

Health-Menacing Injuries in a Manual Workplace and Simple Steps to Avoid Them

We might think that the whole world is practicing automated labor but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Manual labor is quite common even now – in the modern world where automated machinery is known to replace human beings. If you are unaware, manual labor refers to people picking and moving objects using their own force. Lifting, pushing, pulling, and putting things down are all a part of manual labor because they involve physical labor to conduct them properly. Almost 30% of the work-related injuries are at the helm of manual labor. From musculoskeletal injuries to strains and external injuries like cuts and lacerations are all involved in your workplace injuries. 

Common Injuries Caused At the Workplace Due To Manual Labor 

Let’s discuss some of the most common injuries at the workplace that might require you to seek medical treatment: 

Spinal Injuries 

Human core is the weakest part of the body when it comes to lifting objects manually. If you are not aware of the proper and safe techniques to lift objects – you are at major risk to cause severe pain in your backbone. You need to have a proper lifting technique to lift objects so that they don’t hurt your back. From strains to slipped discs, there are a lot of injuries that can occur in your spine if you are not lifting the objects properly. 

Strains and Sprains 

Without realizing it, it is possible for people to pick something that is out of their capacity to lift. Inability to lift objects because they are quite heavy or they require a solid grip which you think you are unable to handle can actually overstretch your muscles. Overstretched muscles can also result in wear and tear of soft tissues. This can cause internal injuries like inflammation, reduced range of motion, pain as well as bruising of muscles. Many people end up visiting a whiplash chiropractor to get these symptoms sorted.

Hand Injuries 

Obviously, you are using your hands to do all the lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. therefore, getting your hands hurt is quite common. Although it is completely dependent on what you are handling, this may be a threat in itself. For example, you can hurt your hands while lifting objects that are insanely hot, cold, sharp, etc. 

Hand accidents don’t only come from immediate interaction with the cargo you are handling, but sometimes when you are putting things down, you can also hurt your hands like fractures, sprains, etc. And the fingertips could even be stuck between loads and other objects nearby, such as crates or buildings. This is of particular significance during group lifts, as other participants are also pushing the load with you. 

Musculoskeletal Injuries 

Musculoskeletal conditions include a variety of complications and discomfort in your shoulders, spine, ribs, wrists, hips, legs, and toes, and spine.

Musculoskeletal conditions can include a variety of symptoms that typically evolve over time. It may be caused by a repeated lifting that causes damage, discomfort, or tension in the joints and other tissues. Chiropractic treatment is the best solution for the treatment of all kinds of musculoskeletal injuries.

Slipping and Falling Injuries 

Even if you are not handling any objects, you still have the tendency to slip and fall. However, while lifting objects, the chances of falling become even greater Not only do the chances of falling increase but the effects of a fall or a ride, while you are managing manual labor, are greater. You really do not have a stronger hand to catch the handrail or reach it out to stop your fall.

Foot Injuries 

When you are handling manual objects, you are likely to damage your feet due to different reasons like dropping objects, twisting feet, etc. This is an even greater risk if you don’t wear safety shoes. Trying to lift heavy objects, dropping certain objects from a height instead of placing them as well as losing grip on the object can result in foot injuries like fractures, bruising, strains, etc.

 Health-Menacing Injuries in a Manual Workplace and Simple Steps to Avoid Them

Tips to Avoid Injuries Due To Lifting Manual Objects 

If lifting manual objects is a part of your daily routine, you need to learn a few tips to avoid such injuries from happening. 

Learn Proper Techniques for Lifting 

Some common techniques that can help you reduce the chances of getting an injury are: 

  • When lifting a heavy object from the ground or a lower location, you need to bend your knees while keeping the feet firm on the ground. Instead of putting the weight of the object on your core, make sure that the weight lies on your arms and shoulders. 
  • Before picking objects from a higher location, make sure that you are standing close to the area before you pick them up. 
  • Avoid twisting and bending with heavy objects in your hand as it can cause your muscles to become sore. 
  • Try to keep your heavy objects in places that are higher than the ground so that you can easily lift them next time. 

Invest In Proper Gear 

You should purchase special gear such as weight belts to give additional protection to the lower back. Lifting straps may also help to control and protect irregular objects.

It can also help you prevent any unwanted injury that may occur while you are carrying the object. Whiplash chiropractors normally prescribe such safety gear to affected patients. 

Invest In Machinery 

If you are the manager of a company where people are manually lifting objects, you should consider investing or talk to superiors about investing in machinery that can assist them in lifting the objects. As labor working for a company, try to file a complaint that addresses the difficulties and potential risks you might face during your shifts. 

Presently, vertical Reciprocating Conveyors or otherwise known as the VRCs are quite a handy and reasonable investment to move heavy objects around the space. Other items include: 

  • Forklifts
  • Package lifts 
  • Dollies

Make sure to invest in something that suits the size of the day to day objects that need to be commuted from one place to the other. 

Seek Medical Care 

If you feel that you are finding it a bit difficult to perform your routine functions – visit your healthcare provider immediately. There can be any injury to the spine which might have started off as a simple thing but can transform into a major injury or even worse – chronic pain for life. If you are suffering from any pain, you should use a pain reliever to help you to cope. You might want to use a natural pain reliever though, as this will avoid the problems with conventional treatments that so many people experience. Just make sure to seek chiropractic treatment in case anything serious comes up. Even if you don’t have any severe symptoms, it can help you handle the pain much better.


Material processing is a highly challenging task that can subject employees to accidents, but most of them can be avoided. Secure the workers from discomfort, days off work, and missed pay by introducing safety guidelines and equipping them with quality equipment. Following these rules would give you peace of mind, recognizing that you’ve made the factory a better place to work. If you are a worker, make sure that you demand equipment and objects for your comfort and physical safety. Also, do not hesitate to seek any form of medical treatment just in case you feel a certain discomfort or feeling of unrest.