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Home Security Apps in 2022

Concept of controlling and managing home security from a mobile device

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People are spending more time away from their homes as the global economy develops and grows rapidly. Sometimes it’s more work hours; other times, it’s days away on vacation. Security companies now strive to provide adequate security for families and property.

Before the 1990s, it was uncommon to find technology like 3D printing services and wireless security systems. However, gone are the days when deadbolts, vicious dogs, and barbed wire fences sufficed. Intruders are devising sophisticated methods to gain access to your home. Rising insecurity rates in our neighborhoods have increased the demand for advanced residential security solutions. 

Unrestricted access to one’s home security system has become somewhat of a necessity. Thus, the advent of mobile home security apps.

Why Do You Require a Home Security App?

Home security systems may appear to be a waste of time and money, but they will make it easier to monitor your home when you are away. When your alarm goes off, a notification is immediately sent to your phone, giving you plenty of time to contact the appropriate authorities (although the system sends out a distress signal to the security company as well).

 Young woman holding smart phone with launched security application at home

The Advantages of Home Security Apps

1. View Security Videos on Your Phone

Your security app will allow you to check your cameras from anywhere. You can see children returning home from school, neighbors knocking on your door, the mailman delivering your package, and even keeping an eye out for porch pirates. 

With security apps, your home will never be left unattended. All you have to do, just like with instant alerts, is sync the cameras to your phone. You can then access your app at any time to see what is going on around your home.

2. Notifications and Alerts in Real-Time

One of the most significant benefits of home security apps is that you will receive notifications about the security of your home at any time and from any location. The system will notify you if someone tries to break into your home while you are away. You can keep an eye on your pets and even check-in while you’re at work.

3. Use Your Phone to Communicate with Your Smart Home System

If you frequently forget to unplug your hair curler, lock your doors when you leave the house, or turn off your lights, your smart home hub app can help. You can turn on your living room lights and unlock your front door with the push of a button.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ll never lock yourself out of your house again. This is also helpful when you need to let someone in your house while you’re away. Your phone serves as your key.

The Bottom Line

When choosing technology, whether it’s SLA printing or a home security app, look for one that is easy to use and includes features. The best apps have smart home integration, customizable alerts, two-way communication, video storage, and more. Numerous options are available; whether the alarms are proprietary or universal, you can find something suitable for you and your home.