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Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 

Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 

The difference between home staging and interior design is a question that lingers in the minds of many people and especially those who lack basic design knowledge. These two aspects of home design have similar end goals that look at enhancing the appearance of a house. They, however, have some slight differences, which are discussed later in this article. Their aspect of similarity leaves many people confused about which option to choose to suit their specific home improvement needs.

In this guide, we present a detailed outline of each discipline’s meaning, as well as their differences.

Before getting into the differences, we first need to understand what each term means.

 Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is a process that entails highlighting the best features of a home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, it helps fetch a high market value for the house and makes it sell fast. Presently, most people are buying and selling houses online, and this has seen a rise in demand for home staging services. It is a powerful home marketing tool if properly used.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is a process that looks at improving the appearance and feel of a home. Generally, it involves transforming the looks of a house through artwork, colour themes, and other accessories to meet the occupants’ needs. It is perhaps the most popular home improvement strategy in the design industry.

Now that you have an idea of what each term means, it is now time to take a deeper look into the distinctive features.

 Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 


The target audience is a major point of disparity between home staging and interior design. While home staging focuses on making the home more appealing to potential buyers, interior design looks to serve the specific needs of homeowners or occupants. Generally, home staging targets to entice general buyers into buying a property, while interior design targets to decorate a home for the comfort of its occupants.

The Decision Maker

This distinctive aspect focuses on who makes the home design decisions. For home staging, the home stager has the free will to make the design decisions. Having studied the market trends and knowing what is needed to make the house more appealing, the home stager tailors the design to meet the underlying market needs. On the other hand, the homeowner is the decision-maker when it comes to interior design. The owner’s decision is based on his or her particular tastes and preferences. In this case, the interior designer works to meet these needs and offers advice whenever necessary.

 Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 

The Objective of the Makeover

Both home staging and interior design focus on improving the appearance of a home; however, they have some slight differences. A home stager sees the house or home as a commodity of sale. His or her focus is centred on asset merchandising. The home stager needs to have sufficient market knowledge to meet the potential buyer’s needs.

On the other hand, the interior designer lays much focus on the personal lifestyle of the occupants. Their main objective is to make the home comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as per the owner’s desires. Home staging mainly focuses on asset merchandising, while interior design focuses on personal.

 Home Staging vs Interior Design: What’s the Difference? 

Speed and Time

At the end of a home staging process, the property on sale should have all the current market décor trends that will attract more potential buyers and sell the house fast. This process mainly involves giving the home a modern touch of style by changing the décor and replacing old furniture with new and trendy ones. This process usually takes about a day or two to complete. Typically, the time spent to give the property on sale a quick makeover depends on the prevailing conditions and the size of the house. This means that the process needs to be quick, as the property needs to find a buyer within the shortest times possible. Quick design decisions and makeover trends will have to be implemented to ensure the outcome entice potential buyers into purchasing the home.

On the contrary, interior design is a process that may take days or even months to complete. This is because the interior designer has to learn the style needs of the occupants first before making any changes to the interior décor.

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