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Hong’s House by HAO Design, Taiwan


This apartment called ‘Hong’s House’ in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, has been designed by Taiwanese based firm HAO Design for a 30-year-old engineer. The entire space has been stripped down, with the previous materials replaced with concrete walls and wood floors, combined with some industrial elements.


“Combining with travelling idea, we designed some simple lines with suitcase board for drawers. To have more space, the metal mini bar is the choice for dining. Corresponding to travelling, we came up with frame that can be changed to different print inside of frame to adjust the aircraft window view explain designers.


Steel bars were applied to shelving to avoid the heaviness of shelf in study room. Glass as shelf can be seen through and give the lightness. Architects also added some hero element and dynamic concept by bending steel bars to emphasize the energy of the space.

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