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Hotel Room Mate Giulia Milano

Ricardo Labougle

Spanish Room Mate hotels chain has opened its latest location in the heart of Milan designed by Patricia Urquiola. Located few steps from the famous Piazza del Duomo Hotel Room Mate Giulia is set within a classical Milanese building and hosts 85 rooms with a breakfast bar and gym.

“Working with Room Mate is wonderful, they have given me complete freedom as they are not afraid to make a difference. Room Mate Giulia combines the essence of Milan; it’s new, fresh, fun and welcoming. The hotel reflects the city through its colors, materials, images, irony, the mix of different languages and also its rigour, all with the most intimate accuracy. Room Mate Giulia has a great personality and promises guests a unique experience in Milan” explains Patricia Urquiola.


Room Mate Giulia indeed has a great connection with the city of Milan in the use of materials and elements. The hotel lobby floor is made of pink marble, the same used in the Duomo of Milan, following the line of the latest projects of the architect. The predominance of this color in her work has become one of her hallmarks.


Terracotta bricks, another typical feature in the Milanese architecture, are used on a curved wall in the lobby to create a tridimensional effect. The recurrent geometric patterns reflect the rigour of the city and also refer to the graphic arts, an important element of the cultural history of Milan.


The rooms refer to typical Italian domestic spaces with a vintage touch. The goal is to create an essential and very familiar space where guests find everything they need to live temporarily in the rooms as if they were at home. And all through areas of the hotel you can admire works of different artists, photographers and illustrators with a common denominator: they are “Milanesi”.

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