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Hôtel Vernet by François Champsaur, Paris

Hôtel Vernet celebrates marks its 100-year anniversary with a completely refurbished interior by French interior designer François Champsaur that celebrates contemporary elegance and French craftsmanship. The Hôtel Vernet invites visitors to come and explore this luxury townhouse. From the entrance hall to the rooms, the accuracy and precision of the hotel’s design engages in a dialogue with the spirit of the space and its history. The contrast between two different eras creates a dynamic and light-hearted energy. This subtle chemistry rejuvenates the atmosphere without unnecessary ostentation.


François Champsaur, a passionate contemporary art collector, chose a set of drawings, original watercolours and engravings, creating the start of a collector’s home and reinforcing the private and intimate side of the entire hotel.


At night, light plays with the hotel’s decorative elements and features the precision of the shades and richness of the textures, creating a beautiful candle-lit atmosphere.

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all images courtesy of HÔTEL VERNET