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House Flooding: 7 Major Causes And Measure You Can Use To Avoid Them

House Flooding: 7 Major Causes And Measure You Can Use To Avoid Them

Imagine buying a house and moving in. You are happy to have realized one of your life goals. No doubt, owning a home comes with some level of excitement. But your joy become short-lived. Within a short duration, flooding starts to become a problem. 

Water is flowing in your house from underground or through the walls. This experience can be disappointing and disheartening. According to statistics, about 40% of homeowners experience a form of flooding in their houses. Home flooding is among the leading plumbing emergencies across the global. 

In case you encounter this issue, it is advisable to opt for house flooding services from licensed plumbers such as Same Day Trades but the good news is, you can still avoid this problem at your home by understanding its causes. Here are some of major causes of house flooding and how you can avoid them:

Having faulty foundations 

Is the flooding issue due to faulty foundation? Flooding is a central drainage issue for people leaving along the coastal line. Many people with beach homes get their vacations cut short due to flooding. Also, if you live in a swampy area, you might struggle to deal with the flooding problem.

The main cause of flooding in these areas is due to faulty foundations. Some contractors fail to take charge of the foundation and material they use. The result is flow of water from the underground to the house surface. You can save yourself from this disaster by working on your foundations. 

Considering solid and sturdy concrete beams and pillars can help you resolve this issue forever. So, always know the design of your foundation to help you avoid flooding problems in the long-run.   

Freezing and expansion of old pipes and taps

As you know, contraction and expansion is a normal occurrence in metals. Your pipes are likely to freeze during the winter season. This freezing and expanding comes with detrimental impacts. If your house has old pipes and taps, they are likely to break causing flooding problem. 

Many homeowners complain of flooding problems during the winter and summer seasons. For you to save your household from this problem, protect your pipes and taps from freezing effects. Alternatively, you can hire a plumber like Same Day Trades to replace the old and worn out pipes. This way, flooding will no longer be an issue.   

Leaking roofs or gutters

Roofing is a crucial part of your house. It not only makes it appealing, but also prevent rainwater from getting through to the living space and ceiling. For this reason, you must be conscious when choosing your roofing materials. 

Some materials are attractive but short-lived. If you use them for your house, you will need to replace them after a while. Otherwise, flooding will be part of your daily experience whenever some rains fall. 

You can save your house from such experience by selecting the right roofs and gutters. Essentially, you will need to perform checkups to ensure these parts do not start leaking. Remember, like other materials roofs and gutters go through a wear and tear process. Hence, you must be observant to ensure the issue does not catch you unaware.    

 House Flooding: 7 Major Causes And Measure You Can Use To Avoid Them

Blocked sinks and drains

Clogged sinks, leaking toilets, and blocked drains are a central cause of flooding. When a sink clogs, water starts to overflow to find a way out. The water flows to your floor causing an indoor flood. 

Similarly, if your toilets are leaking, the water you flush end up in your house floor. Blocked drains result in backflows. All these drainage issues lead to a disastrous flooding problem. You will struggle to get the water out of your house each time you turn on you faucets. 

Fortunately, you have several options for unclogging sinks and drains. For the toilets, you can consider a replacement. Working with a licensed plumber in this process can help you avoid the house flooding in future. So, consider working with one in case you are struggling with this issue.     

Washing machine and heater failure

Another cause of house flooding is a washing machine or heater failure. These essential appliances may suffer a hitch. You may notice water flowing from the back to the front of your appliance. 

The washing machine may develop some leaks on the sides or base. These leaks may not be visible to you. If your machine is on a slanted ground, the water will flow to the floor and flooding will become the next issue. 

The same case can happen to your water heater. Many homeowners install water heaters and forget about them. They never assess their conditions from time to time. As a result, rusting and leaking become a major problem. In some instances, the issues destroy your heater and give birth to a flooding disaster.

The only way to avoid such issues is taking care of your water system appliances. Consider contracting Same Day Trades or other licensed lumbers to perform an annual inspections to ensure that these appliances are sound and working efficiently. This way, you will avoid house flooding and save money for acquiring new appliances by taking care of the current ones. 

Poor site selection

Are you planning to construct a new home? You bought a prime plot and you are happy that your dream is on its way to becoming a reality. Your site selection will determine whether flooding will be part of your life or not. 

Many architects and contractors will advise you to choose a slanted terrain as your site. Such terrains works well for your drainage system. However, when you go for flat terrains, you can expect to deal with flooding issues each rainy season. Hence, site selection is crucial if you want to avoid flooding problems. 

Inappropriate wall sealing and floors

Probably, tiles are part of your floor and walls. You picked the most attractive tiles that each visitor to your home admires. While tiles are perfect, their sealing is important too. Poor sealing can be the route to house flooding. Particularly if you live in areas prone to bad weather and heavy storms, you need to ensure proper sealing of your floor and wall tiles.

Now, you know the major cause of house flooding and best way to avoid or fix them. So, take the right steps and your home will be a true haven of joy.