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How Do You Know It Is Time to Professionally Redesign Your Website?

How Do You Know It Is Time to Professionally Redesign Your Website?

Your website is the home for your business in the virtual world. It represents your brand and its capabilities. In ideal circumstances, a well-designed website would achieve many business goals, such as attract new customers, retain old ones, and provide leads for revenue. But a poorly executed web design can bring down the sales significantly. Successful companies always keep evolving their websites according to the ever-changing trends. 

As a small business, your DIY website might have been serving its purpose so far. But as your business grows, so does your need to have a professional-looking web design. A professional site can add many advantages to your online presence, such as:

  • Connect you with the high-end customers that evaluate a business by its website
  • Provide a revolutionary edge to your marketing strategy.
  • Successfully convert the leads into revenue. 

So if you feel that your website is pulling back your progressive business, check and find out if these factors are true.

Not Enough Clients

It can be frustrating after putting in a lot of effort into your website and not getting as many clients as you had hoped for. But it is not very uncommon. You may be good at your business, but maybe you are not able to portray your capabilities through your website appropriately. A good looking website is often not enough to attract leads. It takes a professional touch to design a website so that a customer feels attracted to buy your product or service. Think of your website as the packaging for a product. It should intrigue a customer and urge him or her to open it and see what is inside. A professional look for your website will also push you to show it off on social media, thereby increasing the number of people who come across your site. 

Not the Right Clients

There is no doubt that designing your website is fun. But you need to make sure that you target the right audience with your website. A good looking website might get a lot of visitors. But if those visitors are not from your target market, your conversion rates will suffer. A few patterns to observe are:

  • The visitors have a lower budget than your average price.
  • People who landed on your website expected a different product or service.
  • The visitors have unrealistic expectations that do not match your product or service. 

You should be able to educate people about your product through your website. If it does not show the relevant data, it might mislead the visitors. A professional can guide you to display relevant information so that you can attract people who would be interested to buy your product. Your website needs to get optimized for search engines with the use of relevant keywords. That will allow visitors to land on your site when looking for the type of product or service you sell. 

 How Do You Know It Is Time to Professionally Redesign Your Website?

Low Conversions

You could be getting a lot of traffic from your target market. Yet your website might be suffering from bounce rate, which that most people who land on your website leave soon without purchasing anything. If that happens, you need to get professional help to analyze what is wrong with your website. Maybe there is something wrong with your homepage that is driving visitors away. Or probably the site is not optimized for smart devices, such as phones and tablets. At times DIY websites can have too much information that can feel confusing to a visitor. Professionals can tweak the design of your homepage so that they are intrigued to click on a link and visit another page. Or they can be directed to a page that educates them about a product. That way, visitors can make an informed decision. 

Lack of Design

Even after spending hours on your website, it still might look average. Most business owners do not have previous web designing knowledge, which limits their choice of using predesigned templates. Even though there is nothing wrong with using templates, you might find that your website looks the same as a thousand others. Exceptional site design and layout can have a positive effect on a user’s experience. Even if you want to keep things simple and elegant, visitors must know what your business is all about, and how to navigate to the other pages. Intelligent use of fonts, images, and videos can engage a visitor and ensure that he or she likes your product. A web designing professional can help you to create smart, creative content that can attract and appeal to potential customers. 

If you have a small or medium-sized business that is growing every day, your client reach can be largely dependent on your website. If your DIY site is not giving you the results anymore, maybe it is time to hire professional help. Well designed websites will have high returns on your investment and help you get the clients you deserve.