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How Has The Design Industry Evolved Over The Past 5 Years?

How Has The Design Industry Evolved Over The Past 5 Years?

Like any other technical industry, the design industry has evolved over time. The changes in the consumers’ preferences have forced the designers and the tools used in the industry to change for the better. In this article, you will find the various changes that have taken place in the design industry for the past five years. Check them out:

Increased Visual Impression

Design can be boring if there is no sense of beauty tagged to it. The designer has to create a fascinating visual impression to show the client the results he/she anticipates. For example, architectural designs at One Delisle give the best visual effect of the building and designs. You can get the real impression of what to expect if you intend to choose any of their designs. A good visual impression gives the architect an advantage since they find it easier to illustrate to the client their intention.

Increased Online Presence 

The use of the internet has increased worldwide in the past five years. Every individual has strived to increase their audience coverage by embracing the use of social media and other marketing channels. Designers have also increased their online presence. Nowadays, it is easier to find various designs online and communicate with various designers in the comfort of your home. Designers can also access an audience to whom they showcase their skills online. They can also learn from other skilled designers without having to meet them in person. 

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Design Blogs

Blogging has skyrocketed in the past five years. It has proved to be a place everyone can find information about any field. While other blogs were growing at a faster rate, little had been done on design blogs. However, there is a difference. Most designers have turned to blogs, and anyone can find any information about design at any time. This shows the diversity in ways a designer can use their skills nowadays. It shows other upcoming designers that blogging is another way to go instead of practicing design.


The use 0f smartphones have changed the design industry in a greater way. Since most internet users prefer their smartphones over other gadgets, the designers had to look for a way to stay relevant. They ensured all their designs are ideas that can be accessed through the phone. This way, they increase their audience coverage. They also had to think of e users in every design they create.

The Use of Design Software 

Initially, there was no design software. Even if the software existed, not every designer was able to access them because they were expensive. This has been different in the past five years. Lots of design software has emerged, and almost all designers can use them. It, however, does not mean the software has taken up the design industry. It is rare to find automated design software. There has to be human effort. What the software has done is to enhance the design industry. The designers can hone their skills faster with the software in place.