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How Much Is Carpet Cleaning in 2022?

Male worker removing dirt from carpet with professional vacuum cleaner indoors

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As a concerned homeowner, you would follow up your carpet cleaning schedule with the professionals from time to time. The first thing that you would wonder is where to reach out for cleaning and drying carpet in Sydney, and how much it would cost you. Most households in Sydney value their carpets and seek expert services, rather than trying to clean them at home. 

In this post, you will get to know the cost of carpet cleaning. This way, you would be ready with the funds when the need arises. You must note that several factors, including the quality and type of the carpet determine their cleaning costs. This post is going to get you covered on all these aspects.

Cost of professional carpet cleaning in 2022

Regular maintenance of your carpet would keep it hygienic and free from stains. The carpet cleaning cost might range between $25 and $95 in Sydney, depending on several aspects. When you hire professional carpet cleaners, they would calculate the cost based on the carpeted floor area in your house. Naturally, the number of rooms in your house would determine the carpeted area. Timely carpet cleaning would keep them fresh, sprucing up the looks of your interiors. It makes sense to hire a specialized carpet cleaner, so that these materials remain in proper shape.

 Male worker removing dirt from carpet with professional vacuum cleaner indoors

Detailed view of carpet cleaning cost 

In Australia, households need to shell out $55 per room on an average for carpet cleaning. The quote would come in terms of cost per square meter in the case of office cleaning. This would range from $1 to $5.50 per square meter for commercial properties. It’s best to contact the eco carpet cleaning company directly to find out the exact prices.

In case of residential properties, cleaning the carpet in each room might cost you anything between $25 and $80. Professional carpet cleaners generally quote between $75 and $150 for a 3-bedroom house in Sydney. This cost might go up to $600 for a 5-bedroom home.

You must also be aware of the cost of dry and wet carpet Sydney cleaning. If you go for steam cleaning carpets, the cost per room would be between $25 and $45. This way, you can get the entire carpeted floor in your house cleaned if you have a budget between $270 and $500.

On the other hand, if you decide to dry clean the carpets, it would cost you between $25 and $50 a room. Now, depending on the number of rooms in your house, you can calculate the overall expense. 

Other associated costs you might consider

When you hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, you might get your upholstery, rugs, and drapes a fresh lease of life at the same go. Upholstery cleaning involves dry and steam cleaning, stain removal, fabric protection, and deodorizing your belongings. Depending on the size of your furniture items, this might cost $15 to $150. A large object like couch would cost more, while dining chairs are likely to cost you much lesser. Professionals determine the cost based on the number of couches.

Coming to rug cleaning, you need to shell out $10 to $50 per piece. The cost depends on the existing condition and size of the rugs. Likewise, drape cleaning services would cost you between $50 and $110.

Regardless of the belongings you want to get cleaned, make sure to hire an expert in the domain. Established carpet cleaners deliver quality services at affordable costs to households in Sydney.