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How Online Learning Resources Are Making Niche Industries More Accessible

How Online Learning Resources Are Making Niche Industries More Accessible

There have always been industries that are considered particularly difficult to get started in. These are the jobs where workers have traditionally taken a long time to get up to speed and to truly become experts.

 To see how this works, we can look at specific examples from three different areas.

Independent Video and Music Production

The emergence of video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion have given video producers platforms on which to publish their work. For music makers, the options include uploading videos to one of these sites or else using a streaming site such as Deezer, Spotify, or Apple Music.

With it now being so easy to reach out to a bigger audience, it has become ever more important to produce high-quality work. Thankfully, there are numerous tools that can be used to help in this way.

For video producers, there are numerous blogs and videos that explain how to get started. The Biteable website shows how to make a how-to video and explains that 91% of smartphone users look up details of how to complete certain tasks.

Just as importantly, a range of editing tools can be found online, ensuring that anyone can get a professional-looking end product. These include the free Avidemux software and SDC Free Video Editor. They are both easy enough for complete newcomers to get started without any delays,

For a more professional performance, paid software packages give powerful tools but are still relatively simple to use. Among them, we can see the timeline-based Adobe Premier Pro package that has been used by the BBC and CNN among others. Final Cut Pro X from Apple is another suite that lets anyone produce slick videos and is being used by numerous video production companies as well.

Music has traditionally been an industry that has been incredibly difficult to break into. Yet, it was reported by MIDiA Research that independent artists generated over $643 million (£523 million) in 2018. This was 35% more than the year before and represents the fastest-growing segment in music to-date.

As with the video industry, online advances have meant that it is easier to get new music out to listeners than before. A huge variety of software options also means that anyone can have high production standards.

One of the leaders is Apple GarageBand. It has been around since 2004 and is currently on its tenth iteration. While it is fairly comprehensive, more demanding users can use Apple’s Logix Pro X for a more professional finish.

 How Online Learning Resources Are Making Niche Industries More Accessible

Online Forex Trading

For many years, the general public viewed trading as a highly complex business that was restricted to just a small group of experts. Among those forex traders considered the most successful are George Soros, Bruce Kovner, and Bill Lipschutz.

Internet trading has brought down the barriers that once stopped others from testing their trading skills in this market. Currently, this is something that anyone can do using an online trading platform.

The starting point is in understanding what this work actually involves. Most people appreciate that forex trading involves the trading of different currencies, but until it went online, it was more difficult to research the intrinsic elements.

An online tool that helps in this respect if the educational guide that is offered by the TopRatedForexBrokers site. They show newcomers how the markets function and what makes them move, as well as issues like market psychology and technical analysis.

Having learned the basics using forex educational guides, it is possible to carry out research and then make transactions solely using online platforms. This means that it can be done anywhere and at any time, with currency pairs such as GBP/USD, GBP/EURO, and so on.

The best platforms give you analysis tools that let you get to grips with the current situation and plan your approach. You can also read the latest currency news and get updates from reputable financial sites like the Financial Times and the Guardian.

 How Online Learning Resources Are Making Niche Industries More Accessible

Marketing in the Digital Age

This is an industry that has been completely revolutionised in the digital age. The days where it mainly consisted of cold calling, sending letters, organising events, and placing ads are now long gone.

These days, marketing departments have access to a wealth of tools that help them to learn how to carry out this role effectively. An example of this comes from Google Digital Garage. This is a site with personalised training courses that let you learn at your own pace.

It includes sections on subjects like how websites work, how to build an online strategy, and how to create a social media plan. This last point requires that you find inspiration for your posts too. You can learn online, and it is also possible to attend real-life courses, with most of the current British events taking place in London.

The huge demand for marketing information means that there are lots of blogs that are dedicated to teaching people the best tips. According to the Entrepreneur site, Hope Horner, Eric Berman, and Roy Raanani are among the top marketing experts that are worth learning from.

All of the learning resources mentioned here have already helped many people to diversify their skills and try new industries. As the number of online tools grows, they will provide an ever-greater number of opportunities.