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How to Achieve Hotel-Quality Sleep at Home

Bedroom with design pieces

There’s nothing more luxurious than slipping under the covers at a fancy hotel – and there’s no reason you can’t get that same five-star feeling at home. We all deserve to come home to a restorative sanctuary at the end of a busy day, so if you’re longing for the hotel-like experience of decadent linen, cloud-like slumber on a perfectly supportive mattress, and ultimate relaxation, here are some tips for achieving it all in your own bedroom.  

Choose the right foundation

Picking a supportive mattress is the first step towards hotel-quality sleep at home.  If you haven’t replaced your mattress in about seven years, or are finding your mattress is no longer comfy, it might be time for a new one. See if you can sleep-trial your new mattress at home to ensure it’s the perfect base for restful slumber.  

If you’re not in the market for a new mattress just yet, a feather pillow top placed on top of the mattress and below the bottom sheet can give you that cloud-like feel of five-star hotel sleep at home.

Master the art of hotel bedding

What’s the first thing you notice when you stay at a hotel? Is it the fluffy white bed looking like a giant marshmallow? White linen serves a practical purpose at a hotel (it’s easier to launder and bleach), but it’s also designed to give the room a crisp, fresh look that makes you want to slip in and under the covers.

The sheets

Recreating this look at home is easy with the purchase of quality white linens – if you’d like something patterned, choose a pinstripe or other weave for a touch of interest. Aim for 300 thread count sheets or higher in Egyptian or other natural cottons for breathability and that hotel-like silky smooth feel.  

Take the hotel vibe one step further by switching out your fitted sheet for a flat, pulling it tight and tucking it in with hospital corners. This trick will ensure your sleeping surface is perfectly flat with no lumps or bumps to disturb your perfect night’s sleep.

The duvet

Choose a cover that’s the same size as your bed, and a duvet or comforter that’s a size bigger.  Stuffing your duvet into a smaller cover gives the plush look favoured by hotels, and also by home-stagers and real estate agents for open homes.  Again, opt for a duvet that’s made of breathable materials for temperature regulation so you can sleep easy year-round. 

The pillows

More is more when it comes to choosing pillows for your bed.  Five-star hotels often provide different pillow fills and heights to accommodate their guests’ preferences, but for your own bedroom you can choose the perfect pillow – or combination of pillows – for your sleeping style.  Create a dreamy pillow nest and you’ll make your bed an enticing retreat for relaxation and sleep.

 Bedroom with wooden wall

Cater for different sleeping needs

Have you heard of dual mattresses? If you and your partner have different mattress preferences, a dual or custom mattress is the perfect solution so you can both enjoy luxurious sleep.  If your ideal mattress is a firm feel and your partner prefers medium or soft, choosing a custom mattress will cater for your different sleep needs.  

Declutter and simplify

One of the best things about a hotel room is the perfectly appointed furniture, artwork and decorations.  There’s no clutter, not an item out of place, and every piece has been considered and tied into the decor as a whole.  Get the same luxurious feel by decluttering, removing any furniture that’s crowding your bedroom, and paring your decor down to essentials, plus a few objets d’art and wall art.  Keep the colours cool for a fresh, bright look or make them warm and deep for a more intimate feel.  Removing clutter helps keep your bedroom an oasis of calm where you can escape from the world for a while to refresh and rejuvenate.

Enjoy blissful slumber, without leaving home

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, and likely only a fraction of those nights in a luxury hotel.  So why wait to travel for the best night’s sleep, when you can achieve the same blissful sanctuary in your own bedroom?  

Buying a new mattress or updating yours with a plush mattress topper, choosing luxurious bedding and a comfortable, supportive pillow are the first steps to achieving hotel-quality sleep at home.  If you sleep with a partner, consider personalising your mattress and duvet for a sleep that’s as unique as you are.  Finish your bedroom transformation by decluttering, simplifying and making your room a space you can relax and revive in.  

Now you won’t need to leave home to get the sleep you deserve.