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How to Add an At-Home Office

How to Add an At-Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, then you will need a home-based office that fits the bill and allows you to work as comfortably and effectively as you need to. 

Here is a guide for creating the perfect at-home office space.

Choose a Quiet Space

Your home office should be situated in the best place to allow for privacy and concentration. This is even more crucial if you live with others, whether this is roommates or family, and need a separate space to conduct your work where you can’t be disturbed. 

Loft conversions are great options for home offices because they take you away completely from the main hubbub of the home and give you a peaceful spot to work. The benefit of a loft conversion office also comes from skylights providing a great natural source of light to keep you feeling healthy and productive. 

You can speak to professional designers who specialize in loft conversions to plan a home office conversion. If a loft conversion isn’t feasible, think about an existing spare room. 

 How to Add an At-Home Office

Eliminate Distractions

Leave the distractions to the rest of your home – your office should be treated as any other office, and you should be able to close the door on all distractions such as the television, your phone or any other features of your home which may call to you. Furnish your office only with what you need to complete your work and try to avoid positioning your home office near any main rooms of the house which may see you becoming easily deterred from your work. 

Create a Productive Environment

Your home office should be tailored for maximum productivity and efficiency. A lot of this will stem from how you choose to decorate your home office. Think about a constant source of adequate light, whether from windows, lamps or main lighting fixtures. Also think about your color scheme; you need your home office to be decorated in a way which helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable. More neutral or tranquil colors may help you to feel more productive. However, if you don’t have time to decorate your own home office or need advice, you can gain the assistance of professionals such as Painters and Decorators in Tunbridge Wells.

 How to Add an At-Home Office

Add Some Relaxing Features 

The luxury of a home office means you can furnish it in whichever way you like, and add all the necessary features you need to make it work for you. You could consider inspiring artwork, healthy office plants or even a water feature if that helps you to relax and concentrate. Choose whatever works for you. 

Invest in Comfort

Your health and comfort are paramount when you’re working in an office all day. This means you should invest extra in important equipment, such as an adequate desk chair, which promotes healthier posture and is comfortable enough to use all day on a regular basis, a correctly sized desk and a properly mounted or raised screen to reduce eye strain. 

Also, be sure to think about positioning your set up away from bright sources of light to eliminate screen glare. Place your desk facing a window so that you can enjoy the view and natural light rather than having your back to the source of light.