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How To Add Warmth And Character To Your Bedroom 

Bedroom with floral bedspread

Sleep is very important to one’s health. Doctors recommend a daily requirement of seven to eight hours a night for optimal health. This makes the bedroom one of the most vital parts of a home.

Despite this, some homeowners don’t know what to do to create the ideal ambiance for a good sleep in their rooms.

Truth be told, a bedroom’s style and interior design play a huge part in making it conducive for rest. Take hotel rooms, for example. The whole room calls you to sleep as soon as you come in.

Sleeping in such accommodations may not be a regular thing. But you can create the same feeling in your bedroom by incorporating changes that add more warmth and character.

Doing this essentially means adding hints of personality here and there. That includes smaller touches like a bedroom rug replacement and bigger ones entailing a major re-do.

Where do you start? Here are some suggestions you can try right now.

1. Add An Area Rug 

Placing an area rug in your bedroom is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a personal touch. There’s more warmth in a bedroom when bare and cold floors now have a layer of insulation. That’s because rugs keep your feet comfortable when getting out of bed and stepping into your floors.

As for character, there are hundreds of designs you can choose from. You can easily find a print that suits your personality and sense of style in today’s catalogs.

There are many ways to position an area rug in your bedroom. That depends on how big the space is. For smaller ones, you can start with area rugs under bed. And if there’s still lots of room, you can place a couple more in your bedroom’s entryway, under a reading corner, or by a desk.

2. Paint An Accent Wall 

Next to adding an area rug, painting an accent wall is an instant addition of character. It’s easy and cost-effective, a project you can finish over the weekend. Despite that, it’s not short on impact, as an accent wall can liven up a plain or boring space.

If you don’t like painting or can’t do it due to renting terms, peel-and-stick wallpapers are your best friend. This option is also great for homeowners who want to have printed walls in their bedrooms, a design facet that gives the place a unique look.

 Bedroom with large paper hanging chandeliers

3. Show Off Your Collections 

Are you a photographer with a collection of stills? Perhaps you’re a traveler with souvenirs from all your trips? Those are unique memorabilia worth displaying instead of generic, mass-produced, store-bought decorative pieces. Because they’re personal items, they possess a natural charm, with every piece telling a unique story. So, why not show them off on a shelf or table?

4. Bring In Some Plants 

Indoor plants have been popular for a few years, but it’s still rare to see homeowners bring them into their bedrooms.

Try putting plants if your bedroom has a window you can open during the day for natural air and light to enter. There are easy-to-maintain bedroom plants that double as natural purifiers. That makes them great for your aesthetic and air quality.

Plants make a bedroom look warm and cozy, adding a homier vibe. It’s an instant way to liven up empty corners literally.

5. Treat Yourself To New Linens 

Having linen is more than just about bed coverings, blankets, and duvets. So, it’s about time you put more thought into it.

There are linen products of so-so quality. But if you know what to look for, you can easily find superior ones that feel as good as they look.

You can choose linen made of organic bamboo cotton, silk, and other top-notch fabrics. You also have no limit on the design it can have. Some homeowners prefer having plain linen, while others like printed ones. Feel free to buy new ones to maintain the comfort you deserve in bed.

6. Add Touches Of Wood 

You can incorporate wood into your bedroom in so many ways. You can use it for your bed’s headboard, for hanging shelves, for furniture pieces, and even for entire walls.

Picture those cozy cottages in the middle of the woods, with fireplaces to warm up the home and the smell of coffee, baked goodies, or hot chocolate enveloping the space. It’s like the staycation of your dreams; now, you can emulate the same feel in your room.

For Better Sleep, Upgrade Your Bedroom

Even those who feel satisfied with their bedrooms can still feel like something is missing. This happens when the space lacks personality, warmth, and charm. Fortunately, there are easy fixes for that problem.

These tips are just the beginning. Feel free to explore more ways to make a bedroom truly your own for the quality sleep you deserve.