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How to Become an Amazon Influencer 

How to Become an Amazon Influencer 

Who doesn’t want to become an Amazon influencer? In the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon is home to millions of daily purchases and offers almost any product you could possibly imagine—which is why most online shoppers begin and end their shopping exploration on Amazon. There are simply very few reasons to find a better price or better options for whatever you’re looking to buy. 

In 2019, it was reported that Amazon accounts for about 45 percent of all ecommerce spending in the United States. Even then, Amazon is constantly looking to grow and expand, which is why they develop the Amazon influencer program. This unique program allows social media influencers to grow their brand, sell products, and drive traffic to all their favorite products online. 

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the Amazon seller software and the Amazon influencer program. We dive into what it takes to join this unique program and how you can find success as an Amazon influencer. Expand your brand, learn how to sell products on Amazon, and see what it can do for you. 

What is an Amazon Influencer?

If you’re a social media influencer looking to expand their brand on the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace, you need to look into the Amazon influencer program. An extension of the Amazon affiliate program, the influence program allows you to merge your social media influence with an Amazon storefront.

This allows you to create your own custom URL that you can promote to drive your followers to your recommended products and stores. Even better, as a form of affiliate marketing, you can even earn profits on qualifying purchases as you drive traffic to Amazon and the stores of individual sellers. What better way to grow your brand, create products, and earn a few bucks all at the same time? 

How do I become an Amazon Influencer?

Anyone with a meaningful following on social media can take advantage of this amazing program offered by Amazon. To start, you’ll need an active account through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube (of course, as most influencers know, the more the better, so why not have a few accounts). 

Amazon then assesses your relevancy as an influencer by looking at your number of followers and other engagement metrics. They will then determine whether or not you’re a right fit for the Amazon influence program. For those who are eligible, they can immediately begin building up their Amazon store. 

How many Followers do I need to become an Amazon Influencer?

While Amazon explicitly states that they judge your candidacy based on a variety of engagement metrics and even the type of content you post, your followers are the most important factor. There’s no exact number to determine whether or not someone can be considered an “influencer,” but many reports claim that you want to hit the 100,000 mark at a minimum. If you’re well below this number, it’s time to start drawing in more followers if you want to be a part of the Amazon influencer program. 

 How to Become an Amazon Influencer 

Setting up your Amazon Store

Once you’ve been accepted to the Amazon influencer program, it’s time to set up your online store. What’s unique about the influencer store is that it works as a home base for both your own products and any products you want to promote. This allows you to earn profits from your promotions (and even your own products if you make them).

It’s important to remember your niche market when developing your Amazon store. If you focus on fashion with your social media accounts, users might be confused when they visit your Amazon influencer store and find mostly sports gear. Not that you can’t find a clever way to merge different product categories, but you should try to keep your brand consistent across all avenues of your digital marketing. This also allows you to create new relationships with those making products in your niche. 

Advertising your store

Now that you’ve got your Amazon influencer account set up, it’s time to get the word out to all your adoring followers. For most Amazon influencers, it makes the most sense to link your advertising through your social media accounts. If YouTube is your primary platform, slip your new Amazon store URL in the video description or reference it in the video itself. Think of creative ways that you can advertise your store seamlessly with your influencer content. 

Profiting from your Promotions

The Amazon influencer program is designed to benefit both the individual Amazon sellers and the influencers. As you drive more traffic to products and stores, you’ll receive a certain commission for these sales. The percent of this commission varies due to various factors, including the price and product category, but on average influencers can expect to see around a 7 percent commission. While this may seem small for one sale, just think about how the numbers add up when more and more of your followers are buying these recommended products. 

Conclusion – How to succeed as an Amazon Influencer

It’s amazing how quickly social media influencers have become a mainstay in our lives. From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and several other digital platforms, these influencers can make an impact on the entertainment we watch, trends we follow, and products we buy. Countless users online are always looking for the next hot product and influencers can help them find just what they’re looking for.

By combining the scope of the Amazon marketplace with the reach of social media influencers, the Amazon influencer program is a unique opportunity for individuals to expand their brand and reach even more followers.

Not only that, but it can also be a profitable way to sell your products or even begin a product line. The possibilities are almost limitless. By optimizing your online store and using an Amazon seller app to track sales metrics, there’s no telling what you can do as a part of the Amazon influencer program.