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How To Boost Your Property’s Value Before Selling

the man paints the walls with a roller, prepares for painting, repairs in the room

Yuliya Kirayonak

If you’re planning on selling your house soon, you might as well start preparing now. You can go DIY or hire a professional tradesperson for help.

Why the urgency? In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s essential to have a functional and visually appealing property to attract buyers. Merely offering the lowest price isn’t enough. To make your property stand out from the rest in your area, you should make it attract buyers’ attention for the right reasons.

If you’re setting up as a property agent, you can take steps to bring a property closer to turnkey standards.

A turnkey home is a move-in-re ady property requiring no significant repairs or renovations. Many homebuyers prefer to avoid additional expenses and effort after the already exhausting process of buying a house, after all. This means boosting your property’s value beforehand secures you a higher return on investment and attracts a larger pool of buyers.

Here are a few straightforward ways to improve your property’s value before listing it on the market.

1. Exterior Wall Repairs And New Paint Jobs

First of all, your home should look appealing at first glance. The exterior always makes the biggest impression on potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look modern and universally appealing. Any color will do so long as you avoid bright shades like lime green. These look tacky on large objects and may turn away buyers instead.

You can consult a designer or realty expert before doing a major paint job. Virtual painting programs online can also come in handy if you need previews.

Along with painting your home, inspect the exterior for visible damage. Weatherboard walls may require panel replacement, brick homes may need fresh mortar to fill small gaps, and rendered walls may need fresh concrete. These minor repairs can make your property look new without requiring major work.

2. Interior Touch-Ups

Interior design trends come and go. You may have noted the latest one, which involves model homes featuring colored ‘accent’ walls instead of all blank white ones.

Buyers may perceive a white-walled home as dull and lacking personality. So, a splash of color may be in order. However, you have to choose which one you use carefully. Something too extreme may make it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves in your property.

Ensure that the colors harmonize with the other design elements of your home interior. Textured brush and accent wall techniques can add visual appeal. But to stay in the clear, you may want to consult an interior designer for advice.

 repaint the wall

3. Redone Flooring

The floor is another thing buyers focus on when they enter a property. They expect it to be contemporary, fresh, and stylish. Visible cracks and growths will turn them away.

Old, musty carpeting can also diminish your home’s appeal. Hardwood floors are a popular, easy-to-care-for option. But top-quality carpeting is also appealing thanks to the comfortable ambiance it creates.

4. Better Lighting Fixtures

If you have outdated hanging lights with ruined lampshades, it may be time for an upgrade. Adequate lighting is crucial when selling your home, as no buyer wants a dark living space.

Downlights are versatile and can complement other decor components in the house. Energy-efficient lighting can also enhance your property’s appeal, especially as sustainability in design gains more traction among homebuyers.

5. Landscaping And Yard Lighting

An attractively landscaped yard is a major draw for buyers. Adding new soil, rocks, shrubs, ground cover, trees, and mulch can transform your yard, making your whole property look fresh and new.

A beautiful yard can help sell the property by helping buyers envision themselves enjoying the outdoors. Remember to complete it by investing in great landscaping lighting, as it creates a truly sophisticated and safe feeling in your property.

6. Thorough Cleaning And Decluttering

Giving your property a deep clean can significantly improve it, and it doesn’t even cost that much.

However, it can be time-consuming and physically demanding. So, you can call up a nearby, trusted cleaning crew to lend you a hand. They can easily work through every area of your property to make it look good as new. For the best results, choose one that has experience with prepping real estate listings.

Make It A Worthwhile Sale

Although this list to boost your property’s value may seem overwhelming, you can work on it bit by bit and seek help from professionals when needed. These common-sense steps can easily up the value of your property and secure the best returns once you flip it. That makes the work you put into it worthwhile.