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How to Buy the Right Diamond Necklace for Yourself

How to Buy the Right Diamond Necklace for Yourself

A diamond necklace is a perfect gift for someone you love. Given the wide range of choices in designs, especially when you shop online, you are sure to find something for every type of woman, regardless of your budget. From a solitaire diamond pendant necklace to intricate floral designs with gemstones adding a splash of color, you will be spoilt for choice even if you are shopping for yourself.

How about a halo pendant or a 3-stone one? If you want something that pleases your eyes and the eyes of those around you, check out a dancing diamond necklace, which basically allows the center diamond to move around or in other words, dance, hence the name.

With so many choices, it is quite natural to get confused. So, here are some things to keep in mind to make an informed purchase. 

Select the Diamonds

The four most important Cs of diamonds should be taken into consideration here.

The Cut: This is what determines the shine of the gemstone. You can choose from princess, round, baguette and many more. The more facets in the cut, the greater the sparkle of the diamond,

Color: You might be surprised to learn that all diamonds aren’t colorless. You can choose from pink, blue, black and yellow too. The tint of the gemstone could make your diamond necklace unique and versatile.

Carat Weight: This is the size or weight of the stone. The heavier the diamond, the greater the price. If you are on a budget, check out lab-grown diamonds. These are as beautiful as natural ones but are safe for the environment and also conflict-free. 

Clarity: All naturally occurring gemstones have some external or internal flaws. This is because they are created under great pressure. So, the lesser the flaws or inclusions, the greater the clarity and therefore greater the price. 

How to Buy the Right Diamond Necklace for Yourself

Choose the Chain

Usually, when you buy a diamond pendant, the chain comes with it. But this in no way means you have to keep these as a set unless you really wish to. Buying the correct chain is as important as choosing the right diamond. You first need to choose the metal. If you have sensitive skin, sterling silver is the best option. It is a hypoallergenic metal. On the other hand, if you want something that will stand out, check out rose gold necklaces. The blush color is unique. You should also consider the style of the chain, such that it complements your pendant.

Choose the Length

To style a diamond necklace perfectly, the length is important. You can opt for a collar, choker, princess, or even a matinee-length one. A collar chain is pretty much self-explanatory, it will rest close to your throat, just like a shirt collar. These are great with off-shoulder or strapless outfits. If you are wearing a turtleneck, a long chain where the pendant sits just above the breasts could be a great idea. The princess length, despite its royal name, doesn’t need a royal occasion to be worn. This size usually makes perfect matches to tees, blouses, or even jumpers. This length often emphasizes the collar bones and lengthens your neck. The matinee is the longest one in this, a variety of gemstones can be featured in a matinee. This look may be discreet but looks elegant at the very same time and is a perfect accessory to your everyday office wear. 

A Bonus Tip to Help You Choose

See what suits you best, since every person is differently proportioned. Define your face type and neck to understand the chain length you’d like and how long you would want it to go. Your preference matters the most, you can opt for a classic diamond necklace or something that is unique and makes you feel special.

Once you have selected a few options for yourself, it is important to compare them based on the quality of the diamond and your budget. Opt for shopping online at a reputable store that not only provides a wide selection of diamond rings, gemstones, and various metals to choose from but also offers certificates of authenticity. By doing so, you will have access to a diverse range of jewelry, including diamond rings, catering to all price ranges. Moreover, you can benefit from great discounts, allowing you to save more when shopping online.

Don’t forget to check their return policy and whether they offer free shipping. Having to pay for shipping could drastically increase the price of your diamond jewelry.