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How to Choose a Home Builder

How to Choose a Home Builder

Choosing a home builder is a big and important task. Choose right and you’ll have a perfect builder—one who’ll make your dream home a reality. 

Settle for less than the right fit and you could end up with a lemon house plagued with construction flaws that will give you a dreadful lifetime experience. Here are 5 tips that will help you choose the right home builder.

1. Choose Your Lot First

It’s easy to get excited about your preferred home design and house plans that you skip this important step.

But land should always take precedence. It determines your neighborhood, environment, and your home’s future resale value. If your land isn’t in a safe community with plenty of social amenities, you will never have peace of mind, even if you build a paradise-like mansion. Besides, your choice of land also determines the type of house that can be built.

2. Define Your Needs

Once you have bought a lot in a prime location, it’s time to look into what you want your house to look like.

What design best fits your style? What type and size of house do you want? What about the price, do you have a fixed budget?

While most builders construct a broad range of homes, there are those who specialize in a specific type of home or styles. Once you’ve defined your needs, look for a builder who’s a specialist in your preferred style.

 How to Choose a Home Builder

3. Make a List of Potential Builders in Your Area

The next step is to prepare a list of all potential builders in your area. You can seek referrals from friends who have recently built houses in your area, consult a local real estate agent, or simply do a Google search of builders in your area.

You’ll find many sites that collect local builders’ information and this can be very resourceful. For example, if you’re looking into building your home in Iowa, you might be interested in building a house with Orton Homes (see this article from Developing Iowa.)  Such research will not only help you find the perfect home site but also the right home builder for your preferred home type.

4. Whittle Down the List

Now that you’ve got a list of all potential builders in your area, you’ll need to shortlist the best—the ones who meet your needs. Start by asking these questions:

  1. Do they have a builder’s license?
  2. How many houses have they built?
  3. How much will they charge to build the house?
  4. Do they offer warranties or building insurance?
  5. Are they specialists in the building style of your choice?

This questionnaire will help you narrow down your choices to only those builders who meet all your requirements.

5. Visit their Recently Built Homes

Lastly, you’ll need to tour model homes or visit their recently built homes. This step is very important as it will help to ascertain they are truly who they claim to be. While you may not see everything, observing their work will help you settle on the most qualified builder.

For more information on how to find the right home builder, contact Developing Iowa or visit their website.