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How to Choose Art for Your Home

How to Choose Art for Your Home

Finding the right artwork for your home is one of the most fundamental interior design tasks you can take on. Your art conveys the emotion of the room and sets the tone for the atmosphere. For some designers, art brings everything together, like the cherry on top of a sundae. For others, the art itself is the inspiration on which to build a room around.

Choosing the right piece is a little bit intuition and a little bit logic. Here are some practical tips on how to choose art for your home.

Find Your Ideal Artist and Style

The first consideration when choosing artwork for your home is to find something you want to see every day. You can find plenty of pieces that work with your other decor, but if you don’t like looking at it, it’s not worth the purchase.

Start by looking at artists and styles that you like. Do you like intellectual pieces like those presented by Lauri Meidla, or delicate watercolor pieces that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation? Take some time to learn more about the artist and what fuels their work. Having a better understanding of what the artist is trying to convey can create a deeper connection with the piece.

 How to Choose Art for Your Home

Evaluate the Available Space

On the technical side of choosing art, you need to look at the space you’re trying to fill. If you’re putting this piece over a sofa on a large, open wall, you’ll need a more significant piece of art or many smaller pieces to fill the space. Choosing something too little could look awkward and be distracting in all the wrong ways.

If you find a piece you like and don’t know where it fits, consider how you can reorganize the space. It’s worth redecorating to display a work of art that means something to you.

Consider the Tone of the Room

Consider the emotion or atmosphere you hope to create in the room where you’ll display the art. Who will see it, and how do you want to feel in that space? 

For example, you might choose something bright and bold for the living area where you entertain guests, while something calmer and more serene might be better for your bedroom. Alternatively, you might choose something more conservative for common areas while showcasing provocative pieces in private areas of the home. 

Determining the tone of the room will help you decide on what piece works best for that emotion.

 How to Choose Art for Your Home

Consider the Colors

The colors of the piece you choose should work with the rest of the room. Having a piece of art that clashes with the furniture will make the room look disjointed and unwelcoming. It doesn’t have to be a match, but there should be some core elements that complement one another.

Again, if you find the perfect art piece that you can’t go home without, consider how you can change the colors around it for better symmetry. 

Learn About the Medium

Another key thing to consider when choosing art for your home is the medium the artist uses to craft the piece. Those who aren’t in the art community tend to think of art as something displayed on a canvas. However, artists often use numerous other media to make something new, such as glass or metal. 

Choose a medium that suits your home’s style, and consider how you’ll display the piece based on the materials used. 

Don’t Hesitate

Finally, if you find an original piece of art that you love, don’t hesitate to buy it. When you miss out on a one-of-a-kind piece, you’ll regret it forever. Popular artists and showpieces often go quite quickly. If you feel connected to that piece, make it yours as soon as possible.

Use these designer-inspired tips to find the right art for your home decor and personal style.