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How to Choose Interior Doors

Living area overlooking green kitchen

When choosing interior doors, it is necessary to take into account not only high-quality performance but also compliance with the design of the room. An important rule is the same door design and color scheme for all canvases. How to choose interior doors for your own home? We explain it to you in detail.

Design and style of the room

Interior doors are an important functional part of an office or apartment. They provide the creation of private space, protect against the penetration of cold air and protect against excessive noise. Which interior doors to choose depends on the following criteria:

  1. Door opening type. You can choose swing, pendulum (swinging), sliding, folding-accordion, or retractable type “pencil case”.
  2. Single leaf or double leaf door.
  3. With platbands or hidden type.
  4. Filling option: deaf, glass, combined.
  5. Option for finishing the door leaf. According to this parameter, you can choose a gloss, matte, rough, or smooth surface. A wood grain finish is also available.
  6. Color decision. The most popular are gray shades, as under them you can pick up any finish of the walls, floor, and ceiling.
  7. Decorative elements on the surface of the door leaf. Manufacturers produce doors with classic patterns, strict geometric lines, and floral ornaments. An interesting combination of glass inserts.

How to choose door material

Reviews on interior doors will help you choose the right option based on user experience and preferred material. Modern designs are presented in the following options:

  • from solid wood
  • chipboard
  • veneer
  • MDF

Solid wood doors are especially popular. One of the best materials is pine, which is one of the softest materials. The result is interesting options for decorating the surface with the creation of smooth lines and non-standard shapes.

Veneer doors represent a base covered with veneer. The material has the main advantage compared to solid wood – low cost. At the same time, the external correspondence to the texture of wood is preserved. Such doors should also not be installed in places with a high level of humidity.

Film-coated doors are made from MDF panels. The external coating with high-quality application does not visually differ from analogs from more expensive materials.

Eco-veneer is needed to imitate wood or natural veneer finishes. The finish feels like wood to the touch. The relief of wood fibers is observed. For the manufacture of safe three-layer plastic is used. Actual painted surface. In this case, the coloring composition is applied to doors made of solid or combined material.

Colored enamel becomes a durable coating. It provides an excellent look, moisture resistance, and practical performance.

 Corridor with doors of different models

Types of ways to open doors

These tips for choosing an interior door will help with the opinions of users and experts. Information about opening methods comes to the fore. Manufacturers offer the following types of designs:

  • swing
  • sliding
  • folding accordion type
  • swinging

The choice depends on the size and layout of the house, and the financial capabilities of the buyer.

Most use swing doors. But they are not always suitable for small spaces where there is no free space to open. If the area is significant, sliding structures have the best effect.

Door frame and dimensions of the future door

The dimensions and reliability of the door frame are also taken into account when choosing interior doors. The latter performs the functions of a power-bearing element, which contributes to the tight locking of the door, holding the canvas in place.

The standard design includes the following elements:

  • Platbands
  • Box

Models are available with or without a threshold. A model with a threshold is especially relevant if there is a difference in height in different rooms. In addition, it is difficult to do without it in a room where the threshold is used as a junction of different floor coverings. To improve sound insulation, sound-absorbing sills that drop out when the door is closed are often used.

The selection of interior doors is an important point. If you take into account the workmanship, material, and the presence of functional elements, you can improve the perception of space and get a practical design.