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How to Choose Minimal yet Attractive Decor for your Home

People usually say, “Less is more.” This statement stands true in its epitome when it comes to designing and furnishing a house. No one likes a cluttered house that has every inch of its space covered by sofas, no matter how plush they may be. A house that is filled with furniture and souvenirs from corner to corner looks much smaller than it actually may be due to the lack of any free space.

Thus, the secret to making your house look bigger is also to keep it minimalistic and with relative free space. Let us understand how minimal decor for your home can eventually end up looking attractive and rich if placed and materialized correctly.

The Psychology Behind People Wanting Minimalistic Decor

We have heard a few times about how messy people are smarter and more creative, but as per extensive scientific research and study, it has also been proven how women who are found living in messy and more cluttered environments end up with high-stress levels. However, it is a totally understandable fact that in today’s day and age, working professionals are not able to devote too much of their personal time into soring cleaning of their houses. Thus, a win-win situation is that you go minimalistic.

When you pair things down to the very basic instead of going for extravagant and superfluous, you tend to realize how easy to manage your home gets along with how sleek and sophisticated it looks. It is in trend, the minimalistic and monochromic interior designs, and they are also people’s favorites. Minimalistic homes are easily comparable to the trending “no-makeup makeup look,” which are actually not as simple as they seem. It is only on the exterior that they look simple, but when we see the process and the materials that went into making it, we see the design more evidently.

 How to Choose Minimal yet Attractive Decor for your Home

How to Choose Minimalistic Decor

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The beginning of being a part of a cluttered environment is when you gradually and unintentionally start decluttering your bag or purse from bills, papers, car keys and keep them on any surface that’s available, like your dining table. The first step to attain your goal of a decluttered and minimalistic home is to try and remove everything irrelevant from surfaces like tables and keep them inside drawers or some storage space.

Add a Statement Piece

Monochrome definitely brings out a very put together and simplistic look to the house, but there is no harm in throwing a few statement pieces of furniture of souvenirs here and there. A contrasting colored rug or a sofa chair accentuates the subtle colors in the room, popping the basic design and interior decor of the house, overall.

A minimalistic house may start seeming bland. A fool-proof remedy to this is to play with different texture in the same colors and hues. In a room with light grey and beige walls, you can throw in a suede sofa with knitted pillows, velvet curtains, and skinned rugs. Apart from these, prints on canvas are also significantly popular nowadays.

These all may be in different variants of grey, but at least the various textures keep it from looking dull and boring. However, make sure that you do not have too many differently textured items since they may cause more chaos and simplicity.

 How to Choose Minimal yet Attractive Decor for your Home

Interior color scheme

Another way to make a house look minimalistic is to go MONOCHROME. Subtle hues and subdued base colors play a vital role in your home, not looking very gaudy and flashy, but simplistic but beautiful. Some people may find it boring and redundant, but monochrome IS the way to go when you want a subtle yet noticeable decor.

Invest in a chic storage

From personal experience, I do not like to store things in a cupboard, which does not give a very attractive look on its exterior. It is more of a style quotient for me, that gets tossed out. This style quotient is a very important factor in how you want to place and store your belongings. For instance, if you have a woody, scratched up bed in a room which has chipping wallpaper and an old Godrej steel cupboard, living in that room will not as appealing as a room which a new looking king-size bed, bright and lively wallpaper with a designed wooden, sliding door cupboard.

Thus, our way of choosing a room and further design depends on how appealing it seems to our visuals. One way of making sure that your storage is serving its actual purpose and also looks good on the exterior is to match it to the room’s color scheme. It should not only be good to look at and serve no purpose at all, like extremely low and inaccessible storage or a very shallow space that cannot accommodate anything. Make sure that both components of aesthetics and purpose are fulfilled with what you buy.