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How To Choose The Best Location For Your Swim Spa

Man relaxes in a jacuzzi tub

Ron Lach from Pexels

A swim spa is an excellent investment if you’re craving luxe pampering at home. After a tiring day at work, soaking in a swim spa can help relax the body and de-stress the mind. However, you must carefully plan and prepare before purchasing a luxurious one. Location is one of the most crucial factors since it can make or break your overall spa experience.

So, where should you put your swim spa?

1. Outdoors Or Indoors?

You can install your swim spas outside or inside your home. Most people choose to install their swim spas outside. Outdoor spas are more convenient because you can enjoy the scenery. It’s also more convenient to dive into a new swim spa outside without worrying about spilling water. It lets you soak your body in warm water while breathing fresh outdoor air.

On the other hand, an indoor swim spa is suitable for homes with large, well-ventilated rooms. It offers the ultimate privacy, shielding you against inquisitive gazes, especially in a busy neighborhood. It can also last longer since it’s well-protected against harsh outdoor elements.

However, indoor spas are more challenging to install. Spa installations often require making minor adjustments to the room. For instance, you may need to waterproof your walls, add more ventilation, or modify the room’s plumbing system.

2. Think About Its Purpose

Having a purpose when buying a swim spa is essential to maximizing its use. These questions can help you figure it out:

  • Why are you buying and installing a swim spa?
  • Will you use it to soothe chronic pain?
  • Are you planning to spend more romantic evenings with your spouse?
  • Do you want to use it to nurture family bonding every weekend?
  • Will you use it for entertaining guests during parties and social events at home?

Regardless of the reason, understanding the purpose of a swim spa plays a significant role in its placement. Installing it in a scenic or open space is more suitable for relaxing now and then. Putting it indoors is best for romantic sessions with your partner. You can place it behind a privacy barrier or screened patio outdoors for better intimacy.

Consider shading if you plan to use the spa more often during the day. Meanwhile, if you plan to use it for relaxing at sundown, you can install it closer to a light source for safety reasons.

 Man relaxes in a jacuzzi tub

3. Check Base Structural Support

Swim spas can weigh over a ton or two when full of water and people. Ensure that the structural base can support the weight wherever you place it. The floor should be flat and leveled evenly. It shouldn’t sag, sink or shift.

Most homeowners install spas on concrete slabs for outdoor installations, particularly if you’re placing them in the corner of your garden. You can use gravel, bricks, and stone pavers to prevent the spa from sinking into the soil while providing an aesthetic appeal.

Aside from ground installation, you can also put your swim spa on your home’s decking. However, you must inspect your deck structure first. Consulting an expert is best to help assess your decking. They can advise you on the necessary modifications to ensure it can support the installation. Adding reinforcements to your deck can prevent sagging or collapsing due to the added weight of your spa.

4. Convenience

Experts recommend installing your swim spa as close to your home as possible. Installing it in the farthest corner of your backyard can cause inconvenience. Putting it somewhere closer to your back door provides better access to your home. Can you imagine walking from the spa to your home on a cold night while dripping wet?

Meanwhile, if you have a pool, you can install a spa nearby for convenience. If you’re bored of swimming or the pool water becomes too cold, you can soak in the spa’s warm water and relax. Did you know that most experts suggest placing the pool and spa near each other? It provides more convenience regarding plumbing and electrical setups and proximity to water fixtures or faucets.


You can put your swim spa wherever you desire—on your deck, near a pool, in the yard, or indoors. However, the right location will depend on your preferences and the abovementioned considerations.

If you still need help choosing the best location for your swim spa, consider consulting a contractor or local dealer to get recommendations and avoid complications. This way, you can enjoy a long, relaxing soak in your new swim spa.