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How To Clean Offices and Commercial Spaces 

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In this article, we tell you precisely why office cleaning services is such a good idea. And if you need more information to help you decide, you can ask for a help to a professional company like Dash Maids.

Steps For a Cleaner Office

Offices are busy spaces, and they also get dirty very quickly due to the high footfall that they face. In order to meet the demands of such a dynamic environment, you must take adequate measures. This will ensure that your office space has a welcoming and professional atmosphere. It is recommended that you hire janitorial cleaning services to make sure that each and every corner of your area is spotless so that you and your employees can solely focus on creativity and productivity.

Daily Cleaning

There are different types of commercial cleaning services that you can opt for, but daily cleaning is of utmost importance. Some of the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Your office space is bound to have debris lying here and there. It might be some food scraps or even paper, and it must be a part of the daily cleaning schedule to throw these in the waste bucket. However, the cleaning services must make sure not to throw away any important files during the process that might be mistakenly lying on the ground.

  • All the trash cans have to be emptied regularly. All the filled garbage bags have to be carried out, and they must be replaced with new ones.

  • Vacuum the mats, carpets, and floors properly to ensure they are squeaky clean and devoid of any dust at all.

  • If the cleaning services spot any stains, they must be removed on the same day using stain cleaners.

  • All the loose papers that are lying on desks should be kept organized. If there are papers or files that you require frequently, make sure you keep them somewhere you can access them easily.

  • Mirrors and windows easily catch fingerprints, so remove the smudges from them daily.

  • The reception area of an office is probably the area that receives maximum footfall. Special care must be taken every day to clean the floor here. All the brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and books kept in this area must be organized every day for the clients/guests that are to arrive. This ensures that your office always looks presentable to outsiders.

  • The restrooms have to be disinfected daily.

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Weekly Cleaning

Aside from daily cleaning, specialized weekly cleaning must be done to keep your office space hygienic.

  • All office furniture accumulates dust, and if left unattended for a long while, it will become covered in layers of dirt. Hence, it’s important to wipe it every week.

  • Similarly, a microfibrillar cloth and a safe disinfectant spray must be used to clean all office accessories, including monitors, computers, telephones, keyboards, etc.

  • The toilet bowls in restrooms need to be adequately scrubbed at least once a week. The same applies to sinks and counter areas.

  • If there is a shared kitchen space in the office, that also needs cleaning weekly. Any old food in the kitchen needs to be thrown out, and the refrigerator needs to be stocked with fresh food.

Monthly Cleaning

Then comes the need for monthly cleaning. This includes the following tasks:

  • If there are any wall-mounted objects like paper towel dispensers or hand dryers, then they need to be cleaned at least once a month.

  • The hard floors need to be specially cleaned to revive their ‘wet look,’ and for this, you need a floor machine or a burnisher.

  • All the wooden surfaces, including those of the furniture, need to be wiped clean with appropriate surface cleaners that will not degrade the material.


Other than the pointers mentioned above, there are some other parts of the office that need an annual or semi-annual cleaning. For example, if the floor finish is getting old, you can get it done once again. Or, if the upholstery is soiled, you can get it renewed for a fresher look in your office. Maintaining a proper cleaning service in your commercial is essential if you want to keep your clients and customers impressed at all times. It directly affects the reputation of your company. Hence, it is vital that you do not take cleaning services lightly and hire someone well-trained for the job to get it done.