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How To Create A Living Space That Is Anything But Boring

How To Create A Living Space That Is Anything But Boring

Whether you live in a studio flat in the centre of a city or a four-bed house in the countryside, you want to create a living space that makes people say ‘wow’ when they walk into it. More importantly, you spend a huge amount of time in it – so you want it to be a space that you enjoy and don’t find boring.

Whether you are decorating your bedroom or bathroom, here are some tips to ensure your living space is anything but boring: 

The walls 

Think bright and bold – colours that stand out and make you feel good when you look at them. Fancy a vibrant blue but feel it would be a bit much on all the walls? Then how about just having a feature wall to bring a splash of colour to the space. Alternatively, patterned wallpaper can look great on just one wall with paint that complements it on the others. You want pink flamingo wallpaper and pastel pink walls – go for it! Don’t want to decorate the whole room – how about adding some wall decals? They will transform the space for a minimal amount of time, money and effort! Artwork can also brighten up a plain wall – you could create a print wall with a selection of them. 

The floor 

If you go for carpet – choose a colour that will complement your walls or consider a neutral colour that allows the decor to stand out against it. However, you might like to go for wooden floors – these transform a space and can be brightened up and softened with a large rug. This can then easily be swapped out for another if and when you fancy a change! 

 How To Create A Living Space That Is Anything But Boring


Lighting can really help with the ambience of a room. Consider lights that can be dimmed – or lamps to provide that glow when you don’t want your main light on. Incandescent lightbulbs look great hanging from the ceiling or on a lamp without a shade. A string of fairy lights can look super cute and really add to the room. You might string these along a shelf or choose a curtain of lights to drape down one wall. 

The furniture 

Look for unique furniture that will stand out. You could even upcycle. Take furniture you already have or purchase something, perhaps second hand and then give it a new lease of life. You have the freedom to turn it into exactly what you want it to be. Paint it a bright colour or a mixture of colours. You might paint a rainbow of pastel colours cascading down your chest of drawers or bedside table, for example. The choice is entirely up to you. Consider furniture that will also provide you with storage, such as an ottoman bed from Divan Beds Centre, so the room doesn’t become cluttered.  

Soft furnishings 

Soft furnishings can completely transform a room. They are ideal if you aren’t in a position to redecorate, but aren’t happy with the way your home currently looks. Brightly colours and vibrant patterns on pillows, throws, rugs, bedding – will all make the space more interesting. 

 How To Create A Living Space That Is Anything But Boring

Bring the outside in 

Large pot plants, vases of flowers, cactus and succulents, hanging plants – they don’t only purify the air – which is a huge benefit to filling your house with them, they also bring life into your living space and add splashes of colour. 

The finishing touches 

You want to ensure that the space reflects you and your personality. You’ll, of course, consider this when choosing the colours and patterns you fill the space with. But what can you add to provide those finishing touches? Perhaps a disco ball in the kitchen or a neon light sign in the bedroom – the possibilities are endless.  

If you feel like your living space is boring then start making a few changes, you’ll quickly notice a difference and it’ll soon be anything but boring.