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How To Create a Luxury Coffee Station At Home

How To Create a Luxury Coffee Station At Home

Have you ever been to a self-service coffee shop where you can make your drinks and then pay for them at the end of the line? They are convenient and easy to use and make for an enjoyable way to interact with others. The look is usually chic and modern and seems relatively easy to put together, so what if you had the same fun coffee station in your home? 

Setting up 

Start by putting together a menu of all the coffees that you will have at your coffee station. Choosing a perfect coffee station is really important, so Kaffeetrinker is a great partner to choose. Most coffee shops use a blackboard to write all their menus, and you can adopt the same idea for your station. There are easy to duplicate designs online that you can use to make the board look professionally done, and you can use any colour writing you want since it’s in your home. 


The next step would be to decide on the coffees you would like to display on your station counter. With coffee subscriptions all the buzz at the moment, you could easily select a handful of different roasts to display. As seen in a recent pret coffee subscription review, you can couple decaf with a regular roast, coffee bags with grounds, and you can even add in flavours to give the guest a pick of the best. 

You can match the treats you serve with your coffees to the colour scheme of the area and give your guests a chance to do small tastings in the comfort of your home. You can even practice some baking of your won to add to your cookie jars. 

 How To Create a Luxury Coffee Station At Home


Adding furniture to the area like a couch and coffee table or a bar counter and some bar stools will really make an effort to stand out. You can add photos to the walls and even add a bookshelf with some quality reading material for those days when you feel like indulging in the coffee selections yourself. A warm throw over a couch situated by the window with a corner bookshelf will make for an excellent escape corner for warm sunny days. 

Serving suggestions 

The final touch to your home coffee station will display the cups and crockery you will use to serve your guests their coffee. Depending on the style or colour scheme you have chosen, you can use a handy display cabinet as the entire coffee station or have a display shelf mounted to the wall. Take your display a step further by having the cups that match the style of coffees that you will be serving, so it looks well put together and stylish. A beautiful display jar for all your crockery will give the area the feeling of a coffee shop. You can always leave the milk in the kitchen until you need to use it. 

There are many fun things that you can do to make the area look great. Second-hand stores are an excellent way to find items that you might want to use for decor without paying too much. If you find them, why not select older model coffee machinery to display instead of the regular coffee machine.