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How To Create A Simple Nook For Your Dogs

More and more people are choosing to adopt dogs today, and with the benefits these furry friends can provide, it’s easy to see why. Welcoming a dog to your life can be very beneficial as they can make you feel less alone, improve your heart health, and prevent you from getting stressed out. Dogs can also encourage you to exercise more often, allowing you to become healthier. 

Being a dog owner can improve the quality of your life, but you shouldn’t be the only one who benefits from the relationship. You should also make sure that your dogs remain comfortable, safe, and healthy under your care, and you can achieve these goals once you provide a simple nook for your dogs at home. Here’s how you can create one:

1. Prioritize Their Safety

It’s common for dogs to wander and play around. These four-legged animals will usually chew on any object that they come in contact with, from furniture, shoes, and even to carpets. The younger your dog is, the more curious they are about their surroundings.

When creating a simple nook for your dogs, prioritize their safety first. Creating a safe environment for your dogs will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re allowing your fur babies to wander in a space that won’t compromise their health and safety. This is especially true if you often leave your dogs alone for work.

Online platforms such as Petsumer can provide countless tips on how you can make your space safer for dogs, but you can start by implementing the following:

    • Cleaning materials shouldn’t be placed in your dog’s nook. Ideally, these items should be placed in another room to prevent your dogs from reaching or ingesting them. 
    • All electrical cords should be taped down or hidden behind bulky furniture. Make sure that your dogs’ nook doesn’t have any visible or accessible electrical cords. 
    • Any items that you don’t want your dog to be playing with—shoes, kid’s toys, clothes, and trash cans—should be away from their nook.

Give Them Something To Do

Mental stimulation is vital for your dogs as this can help them learn, ward off boredom, and curb unwanted behavior. Mental simulation can also keep your pets healthy as this can help them lower their stress levels. Stimulating your dogs’ minds can significantly influence their health, which is why you should make sure that they have something to do in their nook. What good is having a personal space if your dogs can’t do anything when they’re in it?

You can simulate your dogs’ minds by adding the following to their nook:

    • KONG toys: These are classic toys that can be purchased from any local and online pet store. To use these, simply fill the toys with frozen fruits or breakfast kibble, and let your dogs find the treats inside. 
    • Ball toys: If your dogs usually have a lot of energy, consider giving them several ball toys. These toys are inexpensive and come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. A ball toy will surely keep your dogs busy as they’ll have to chase it around. 
    • Seek-a-treat puzzle toys: As their name suggests, these toys will require your dogs to use their paws and nose to find the treats hidden in the puzzle. As long as played regularly, a seek-a-treat puzzle toy can effectively improve your dogs’ cognitive abilities.

 How To Create A Simple Nook For Your Dogs

Provide The Right Bed

Just like human beings, dogs also require sleep in order to stay happy and healthy. Sleep allows your dogs to replenish energy, as well as repair damaged muscles and joints. Getting enough rest can also boost your dogs’ immune system, making them less susceptible to common illnesses and diseases.

Investing in quality dog beds should be on top of your to-do list when creating a simple nook for your furry friends. Having one will encourage your dogs to relax, and ensure that they get a good night’s sleep.

With the number of dog beds available in the market today, choose one that suits the size of your dogs and their private space. It’s also important to invest in a dog bed that’s easy to clean to prevent pests and bugs from thriving, breeding, and infecting your pet.

Make The Right Investments

Creating a simple nook for your dogs is a cost-effective investment as you’ll be able to provide a safe place for your furry friends. Providing your dogs with their own place will surely make them happy, and encourage them to be playful all the time!