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How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Living Room

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Living Room

Who doesn’t want their living room to look fabulous? Social media age continues to significantly shape our standards, among them, being how your living spaces look and feels. Looking good is no longer a measure of your new couch or a colour scheme, but how photogenic your space looks. When you snap a photo during a game night, you want a look that stands out as much as every smile in the room. But how do you achieve such a look? How do you create an Instagram-worthy living room? Here are a few tips to help you ace that living room looks without breaking your bank.

Keep it clean

The first step to ease your cleaning endeavours is decluttering. Those old items you seem to cling on could be affecting your living room’s aesthetic appeal, mainly if they stick out like a sore thumb. Your couch has a story to tell, but do you still need it? It is time to let go of some items in your living room, and a simple upgrade to a solid coffee table could be all you need to upgrade the room’s looks. Decluttering helps you to create more space, and as you rearrange the furniture and organize the room to your liking, you can easily find the hidden gem of your living room. You could be surprised to realize that your book cabinet you have had for years is blocking a perfect view while taking up space that could ease the traffic flow while enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Don’t forget to clean your lamps as well. If you have a chandelier, wipe off some accumulated dust and dirt. You can find a lot of tips and guides on how to maintain a clean chandelier online as well.

Keeping the room clean isn’t rocket science. Vacuuming is now easier with programmable vacuum cleaners, and by adhering to simple measures, such as keeping the table clean, you can comfortably keep your living room clean. You might have an Instagram-worthy living room, but if the photo captures crumbs on your table and a floor covered in toys, then you need to revisit your cleaning and organization routine.

 How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Living Room

Find an inspiring theme

Whether you fancy a modern New York-style bold theme with greys and blacks, a minimalist Scandinavian clean white look or a cultural inspired Moroccan theme with luxurious velvets and deep and bright colors, the choices are endless but it should reflect your inner mood and personality. Visit https://www.furco.co.uk, check their furniture collections, and picture how various selection could transform your living room. Go for a theme that’s inviting and warm, a room that would feel comfortable to come to after a long day at work.

While customizing a theme, keep in mind that the colours you pick hold significant weight. From the wallpapers, furniture, and other pieces in your living room, therefore, you need to check how they blend. The last thing you want is a piece that doesn’t blend with the rest of your living room’s set up. You could pick complementing colours and a couch that stands out as the focal point.  This blend makes it easy to configure the rest of the room following a particular design that showcases your exquisite taste and style.

Go green

Can you remember the last Instagram living room photo you saw without highlighting a plant? Among the easiest ways to add an extra flair to any room is including plants. There are lots of options to choose from, and with creative positioning, the simple addition can significantly enhance your living room’s looks.  You could place the plant on your bookshelf, windowsill, or as a centrepiece on your coffee table. Finding plants that match your living room isn’t that hard, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Maintaining the plants isn’t a challenge either, and apart from enhancing your living room’s aesthetic appeal, they also deliver benefits such as additional air cleansers. Plants add life to your living room and with the warm and lush looks, creating an Instagram-worthy living room is quite easy.

 How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Living Room

Include a nice rug

Is your floor vividly showing how long it has served you, with scratches and scuff marks? Throwing in a beautiful rug covers such unsightly concerns while spicing the room’s looks. Go for rugs with striking patterns and colours that complement the rest of your décor and design. Don’t forget the size as well to ensure that you buy a proportional size that fits well.  If you purchase without considering your room’ size, you could go for a tiny or large rug that looks out of place, sticking out instead of seamlessly blending with the rest of your living room.

Throw in some add-ons

The most straightforward add-ons that won’t cost a fortune or have you scratching your head so hard are blankets and throw pillows for your sofa. Consider shape and sizes that match the rest of your design, and pick colours and patterns that either stands out or helps to highlight specific areas of your room’s. They are quite simple, but their inclusion not only enhances your living room’s aesthetic appeal but also offers additional comfort.

 How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Living Room

Art works well

What’s your art taste? Don’t leave that wall blank; a few art pieces could add flair and improve your living room’s inviting looks.  The best part is that regardless of your taste, whether you are into paintings, tapestries, framed prints, or neon signs, you can add a mix that works well with the rest of your living room’s design.

Consider the lighting

Lighting is everything! This, however, doesn’t merely mean investing in bright lighting solutions. You need to consider your living room’s theme and consider how the lighting will affect the feel and looks. For instance, if you are going for a calm and cool set up with colour schemes such as green, whiter lighting would work well while dimmer lighting would work well with warm colours such as orange. The lighting should help you to improve the looks and feel of a room, stressing the need to consider your colour scheme and theme before shopping for the lighting equipment.

Creating an Instagram-worthy living room doesn’t necessarily require you to hire an interior designer. With a few tweaks, you could be surprised by how amazing your unique taste could get, helping you to create an appealing, inviting and comfortable living room you will always look forward to coming home to.