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How to Deal with Poor Drainage in Your Backyard

How to Deal with Poor Drainage in Your Backyard

Do you find yourself currently locked in a never-ending battle with your grass, plants, and landscaping to keep it healthy? Are you finding “wet spots” where water seems to pool, have issues absorbing, and thereby essentially drowns and destroys any of the trees and greenery you have in the area? Scarier yet, is one of those wet spots near or against the foundation of your home?

Improper water drainage in your backyard can lead to these and many other problems that don’t just end up being a nuisance but can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. If that water is pooling near your foundation and then starts to seep into your house, you’ll have a real expensive and giant mess on your hands. So how can you deal with poor drainage? What are the steps you can take to remedy your drainage issues? Let’s jump right in.

Surface and Under-the-Surface Drainage Needs to Be Addressed

Here’s a tip that homeowners aren’t always aware of. Sure, the surface drainage issues are noticeable to the naked eye, which means it’s pretty obvious where you need to focus your attention, but did you know there are also under-the-surface drainage issues that can exist? This under-the-surface drainage is what ensures all your plants, trees, and grass stay get the proper amount of hydration and truly thrive.

Ideally you want to have hard surfaces pitched so as to allow that excess water to drain away. If you’re working on brand-new landscape design, you can even find ways to take that water that is being drained and re-use it elsewhere. This will cut down on your water usage costs.

Understand That You May Need Adjustments Over the Years

If you’re in the process of creating a whole new drainage plan, keep in mind that while it may be perfect right now, it isn’t meant to be a permanent solution. Soil can collect and move in different ways; it can suddenly become compact in some areas and soft in others due to weather and other natural conditions. What this means is that you want to re-visit your drainage yearly or even every couple of years and ensure it’s still working for your needs.

Always Direct Water Away from the Home

One of the biggest rules in backyard drainage is to always make sure that you are directing any and all water away from your home. Water that is allowed to pool around the foundation will spell disaster for you as it can mean leaks in the home. This may require you to re-direct water, not just at a surface level, but also below the surface.

How to Deal with Poor Drainage in Your Backyard

Don’t Hesitate to Bring in Help

Because water drainage is so important to the well-being of your home, your grass, and plants, it may be necessary to bring in a professional landscaper. Landscape drainage problems are something that professionals such as those at Architectural Landscape Design are used to. They can draw up a plan that will address all your issues and provide the proper solutions.

Keeping Your Backyard and Home Pristine

By addressing any drainage issues in your backyard, you will be ensuring that not only your plants and greenery stay healthy, but that your home is also kept dry.