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How To Decorate A Cozy Bedroom For Couples This Winter

How To Decorate A Cozy Bedroom For Couples This Winter

With winter just around the corner, the dire need for a warm and cozy domain is at an all time high for most people. Instead of spending an obscene amount of money on winter break getaways, build for yourself a place of tropical respite from the cold right in your very bedroom!

Budget-friendly, smart and mood-evoking, here are 5 how-to’s on decorating the bedroom into a certified snow cabin for lovebirds and individuals not yet with their twin flame alike.

1. Color coordinate with an established theme

In the world of interior design, color psychology is considered to be a staple factor for its influence on human’s perception. Ever since ancient times, blue, purple, and green has been associated with feelings of comfort and serenity, but they can also convey indifference and sorrowness. 

The long, dark and gloomy periods of winter can make even the most dynamic bedroom look dull, so now’s an ideal opportunity to have a go at adding a few flies of shading to your current plan plot. Splendidly designed pillows, a colder time of year bouquet on your mantle, or a couple of well-coordinated accentuation items can immediately light up your space. This is especially helpful if sunlight is sparse where you live.

However, take into consideration that too much vibrancy might compromise the ideal cozyness level you’re looking for, throw in some neutral and mellow tones to offset the vivacious nature of brighter colors. A room that has a dark green color scheme is often chosen for those who want to create a relaxing space. For reference, consider profound hues like earthy colored, plum, charcoal, and naval force as possible alternatives. As for wall paints, it all depends on your personal taste, just make sure that it matches with the overall theme that you’ve been setting up. Remember, harmony is the name of the game.

 How To Decorate A Cozy Bedroom For Couples This Winter

2. Invest in proper beddings 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the bed is for many a center piece to a perfect space of sanctuary. Preparing your bedroom for winter implies adding solace to your room with heavier materials. Cotton wool, velvet wool, or heavyweight Egyptian cotton sheets are for the most part warm options in contrast to your normal flimsy sheet material to convey a feeling of comfiness. 

Couples should also consider the factor of intimacy during renovation to create some delightful memories throughout winter. Consider investing in mattresses that complement intimate moments and other textile peripheral items that go with them. Purple and red are colors of passion, and they have also been proven to increase sexual drive in men and women to a considerable level. So if you really want to spice things up in your love life, go ahead and get yourself a poster bed that has these colors, just be mindful to keep the color saturation low-key. 

Bed linen like duvet covers, sheets and cushions should be easy on the skin and have proper insulation so as to not let anything get in the way of the fun. 

3. Work on your lighting

Ever wonder why hotel rooms just have something to them that just makes you want to stay forever? It’s because they utilize the room’s source of illumination in the room to the fullest.

There are various ways you can help light up any room, and during winter, anything from window ornaments that let in more sun to installing delicate lights that have a soothing gleam will work wonders in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you’re just doing a little renovation or you’re on the lookout for another home, sort out what lighting is generally speaking to you! In the event that you need your room or study to be a safe-haven, search for lights that can illuminate space just enough without being excessively dull or excessive.

Overhead lighting should be easy on the eye and never turn up to max. There’s nothing more irritating than having to constantly adjust your lying position to avoid the brightlight Have away with the overhead fixture at night and focus on low light. Correct coordination of different light sources will ensure an intimate mood. But of course, for those who still like the accompaniment of sunlight in the morning, getting light controlled voile curtains will help light pass through at a lower angle in the winter. 

4. Treat your eyes to art work

Those edges of your home without furniture can look particularly hopeless when under the cruel winter light. To light up your space and include some truly necessary warmth, strategically occupy the space with a couple of pined for pieces that artistically speak for themselves. 

You can add character and appeal by adding independent pieces to your room, case in point  an intriguingly shaped table or those minimalistic typography wall art. A hanging gauzy canopy also has that certain charm to it. Giving you that sense of flowy and semi-sheer aesthetic. Observe from this room and make things even more interesting with a dynamic portion of shading in your toss pillows and zone mat.

 How To Decorate A Cozy Bedroom For Couples This Winter

5. Greenify your bedroom

Transform your room into a lavish oasis spring with indoor trees and a lot of florals. Despite the fact that this main room feels stupendous and over the top, it’s additionally grounded gratitude to the nature-roused plan components. Instead of getting something extravagant and large, opt for easy-to-take-care-of options like succulents as a quick and effective way to brighten up your room. There’s been many case studies on the positive effect of indoor plants on reducing stress and mental pressure. 

Succulents and flora seem to be one of the most popular decorative pieces on shelves, work areas, and ledges in numerous workplaces and homes. This is because they’re versatile and can be coordinated with most stylistic layouts, so it’s no big surprise they’ve gotten well known. 

Having hay fever, you say? Fret not, as you can replace organic plants with faux one that works just as well, if not sometimes better. Native Serviceberry, Doublefile Viburnum and Star Magnolia are also good choices given their light and inconspicuous tone.


As Lord Commander of the Night Watch once said, “Winter is coming”, take matters into your own hands and reward yourself with an immaculate and cozy bedroom. Make sure everything coordinate with each other, from wall paint to the type of welcome mat that you use. Beddings choice should be carefully considered as this is what you’ll be surrounded with most of the time. Finally, fine tune ambient conditions like light and sound to your liking and you should be all set to enjoy a warm and cozy time by yourself or with loved ones