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How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, which is why the kitchen is often seen as the epicenter of the home. It is where families come together, where late-night snacks happen, where birthday candles are blown out – it is where life happens. That is why a beautiful and functional design for your kitchen is so crucial to a happy life. 

If you have saved up and know it is time to redesign your kitchen once and for all, follow this guide to ensure that your design lives up to your every expectation.

New Homeowners: Wait Before You Redesign Your Kitchen 

If you have just purchased your home, then no matter how much you have saved for your kitchen remodel, you are going to want to wait. There might be a more pressing issue in your home that you are not aware of yet that takes precedence. You should also wait so that you know exactly what your kitchen needs. 

 How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Focus on Your Needs 

It can be easy to get caught up in aesthetics, which is why you will want to write down what your kitchen needs. This is your priority because a beautiful-looking kitchen is useless if you cannot comfortably cook or eat in it. 

How to Design Your Dream Kitchen 

Waiting and building a list of functional requirements means that your kitchen will work in the long-term. While waiting to get used to your kitchen, you are more than welcome to put together design ideas. 

Source Ideas Over Time 

Pinterest and other design websites can be a useful tool for sourcing inspiration. Don’t worry about kitchens looking wildly different from one another; collect as many ideas as you can, and eventually, you’ll be able to narrow them down. 

 How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Find the Most Consistent Design Elements 

When you are finally financially and emotionally ready for a remodel, it is time to go through all your saved ideas. Pick out elements that emerge most often. If you seem to have a preference for natural wood cabinets, then it doesn’t matter how much you liked that one image of yellow cupboards, because that was a one-off love. Opt for the things you like consistently over time to build a timeless design. 

Know What You Want 

Be specific with what you want and need. You don’t need to have a full mockup of the design for your kitchen to have your dream come to life, but you do need to be precise. 

 How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Take Your Dream to a Reputable Contractor 

The reason you need to be specific is that when you hire a contractor, like Gilmans Kitchens and Baths, you’ll need to help them bring your vision to life. If you are vague or simply don’t know what you want, then the design process will take longer. Be specific upfront, and your kitchen can come to life. 

Put Together a Kitchen Alternative

While your contractor is bringing your kitchen to life, you will need a means to feed yourself and your family. If your parents or in-laws live nearby, you might be able to stay with them, but if not, it is rather simple to set up a small makeshift kitchen in another room with the essentials like a microwave and a mini-fridge.