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How To Get Cash Fast

How To Get Cash Fast

Most people one time or another have found themselves in a situation where they need cash for something but are unable to wait weeks or even days until their next payday. When and where this happens, people often search around for quick ways in which they can make money – some of the best ways are listed below.

Pawn Personal Items

Although getting a loan from a pawn shop is not a great way to borrow money, but they are quick and if, for what ever reason, you are unable to back pay the loan in time, your personal item(s) is kept in payment for it. Using this method of raising funds means that there is no danger of you affecting your credit score and nor will there be any debt collectors coming looking for you. For the most amount of money, sell electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, and / or firearms as they typically fare well at these types of shops.

Use A Credit Card

For those people who have a credit card and have an account that is in a good standing, you should be able to use that leverage to get a cash advance. These are typically a much cheaper option than those notoriously expensive payday loans. That being said, you will more than likely have to pay a 5 percent fee on the money that you do borrow – that is in addition to a 30 percent interest rate.

Work An Extra Job

There are a number of legitimate side hustles and jobs that you can do to provide you with a quick source of income, including things such as doing freelance jobs from home, participating in the best-paid survey apps, and driving passengers. There are a number of websites like Craigslist or Fiverr, which every day have new job postings on and pay cash up front or instantly.

How To Get Cash Fast

Get A Personal Loan

Some lenders, such as CashNetUSA (read reviews for this company here – https://goloans.co/cashnetusa-reviews/) are able to process applications for a personal loan within the space of a single day. If you have a good level of personal credit, then you will likely have a lot more options available to you. Where you have poor credit, lending quickly can be more of a challenge and the interest rates are likely to be much higher. 

Ask For A Payroll Advance

If you are in work, then try asking your employer for a cash advance on your next salary payment. Most companies will do this without charging any fees. In fact, some employers even offer their employees loans at a very low cost for any of their workers who find themselves in a financial crisis. 

Other ways of getting cash fast include selling unused items and gift cards, getting community loans, seeking forbearance on utility bills, taking money out of your 401(k) or life insurance, using a payday loan service, renting out a spare room, consolidate any debts that you are paying back (including a student loan), and even change the plan for your cell phone.