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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

How to Get More Likes on Facebook


It’s no secret; with over 2.7 billion users, Facebook is the biggest social network available worldwide.  The more likes that you have on Facebook, the greater the audience you can reach. This could be life-changing for your brand. There are many ways you can get likes on Facebook. For example, the like apps for FB are one such trusted way people have gotten more likes.

If you are hell-bent on increasing the likes you get on Facebook, here are 5 easy ways that will sort you out:

1. Create top-notch content

Your content should be relevant to your target audience while at the same time not seem overly promotional. Make it informative and if possible, a little bit funny. Short and catchy content is recommended because long content may be boring to read through. Be sure to use exceptional headlines that will attract readers. You can also incorporate visuals into your content. This could be anything from infographics, videos to photos from free stock photo sites. Research has proven that posts with visuals get more likes compared to posts with text only.

2. Utilize other social media sites

Do you have a Twitter, Telegram, Pinterest, Instagram, or WhatsApp account? Let your contacts and followers on other sites know that you have a Facebook page and ask them to like and follow your page. The best platform to promote your Facebook Page is Instagram. Attach the link to your page in your bio and posts to make your Facebook page a click away.

 How to Get More Likes on Facebook

3. Use Facebook Like Apps

An incredible way to get more likes on Facebook is by using “likes apps” for FB. These apps can be downloaded from your Android or iPhone and could change the entire trajectory of your Facebook page growth. These apps are designed to help you get more shares, views, and comments. Since you have put in so much effort in creating your content, you don’t want to struggle to get views for the same content. In case you are operating on a low budget, you can use the free apps, but if you have enough money, there are apps that you can pay for. Both are worth it and will give you the much-needed results.

4. Make use of the Facebook Invite button

Facebook has a button that allows you to invite your friends to like your page. It is much easier to leverage existing relationships as compared to creating new ones. The caution here is to invite friends that may have an interest in your brand.

5. Engage with your audience

The goal of getting people to like your page is to make them feel they are connected to your brand.  Engaging with your target audience and followers sets you apart from your competitors. It makes your brand feel more relatable to people. You can engage your followers by asking questions in your posts. This lays a foundation for stirring up a conversation. Be sure to answer questions and comments on your Facebook Page. Potential fans will be attracted to your responsive nature. While at this, be social, human, friendly, and remember to add some little humor. In essence, if you find Facebook page likes important to your brand, you have to go the extra mile to get them.