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How To Get Smart With Your Home Security

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One of the biggest concerns anybody is likely to have, is keeping their homes and families safe. There have been leaps and bounds made in technology to help you achieve this is in recent years, but nothing has been more dramatic than the addition of smart home security. This gives unparalleled flexibility and the choices available seem to be endless, making it the perfect way to secure your property.

With more than 192,000 break-ins experienced by home owners in England and Wales last year, it is clear that home security is more important than ever. The average cost of a burglary is in the region of £2,800, and the cost of the emotional damage can be even higher.

These crimes can take place at any time of the day or night, so it is best to be on your guard at all times. In this article, ISET Solutions, specialist Smart Home Security Distributors take a look at what smart home security options there are on the market, and which ones would be best when it comes to protecting your home.

Alarm systems

Many homes now have an alarm system, but many of these now make use of smart technology to make them even more effective. Many systems will come equipped with motion sensors to alert you to the presence of someone who should not be there, whilst others have touch screen alarm panels that make setting them up even easier.

They can be split into different zones, so you don’t need to worry about the kids setting it off at night, for example, and they can be connected to a variety of other gadgets around your home.

In the old days, a burglar alarm could be triggered, and you would know nothing about it until you got home, much to your neighbours’ annoyance.

However, these days, your smart security alarm can be connected to your phone, meaning that you will know about it the second that anything occurs. Alerts can be sent directly to your phone, allowing you to know what has been set off and to reset it if you need to.

Smart lighting

Did you know that 58% of burglaries happen in the evening or at night? This is because burglars like to work under the cover of darkness when they are less likely to be seen. That is why throwing a little light onto the situation can act as a great deterrent.

Smart lighting can take a number of different forms, and the type that we are probably most familiar with is the outdoor security lights which are illuminated when any movement is detected. This makes it very difficult for a burglar to get close to your home without being thrown into the spotlight and can be very off putting for them.

Burglars also tend to target homes that look lie they are empty, and the easiest way to spot this kind of property is to find one all in darkness at night. This probably indicates that the homeowner is out and they are likely to be able to break in unnoticed.

Smart lighting can work on a timer, so that it will come on at any time of your choosing and make it look as though someone is there even when there isn’t.

This is particularly useful when you are on holiday, as it will not look as though the property has been deserted. Smart lighting can even be controlled from your phone, so if you are going to be home later than you had planned, you simply need to log in and turn on a few lights with the click of a button, and any opportunistic burglars will not be any the wiser.

 Woman using phone with running smart home security application, while lying on a couch at home.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are becoming an increasingly common feature as they combine security with huge amounts of convenience. They come equipped with a video and talk back feature that allow you to see who is outside your property, whether you are at home or not.

That means that you can talk to anyone who is at the door, giving them instructions on where to leave a parcel or to come back later. It also means that you can spot anyone who is lurking suspiciously or trying car door handles and tell them that they are on camera. Unsurprisingly, they tend to make a quick exit once they are aware of this fact.

Smart CCTV

It is now possible to have a high-quality CCTV system set up around your home that can prove to be a massive deterrent. Any potential thieves who can see a camera know that their chance of being caught have increased dramatically and feel less inclined to try and break into your property.

These CCTV systems now give high definition pictures, making it easier than ever to identify any criminals should the worst happen, and as it is all digital, it can easily be supplied to the police. As it is a smart system, it can all be hooked up to your phone quickly and easily. That means that you can check in on what is going on whenever you need to and can spot criminals in the act or just catch next doors cat red handed!

Smart locks

We all know that the best way to keep someone out of your home is by locking the door, but life isn’t always that simple. We have all got to work and had the horrible feeling that we didn’t lock the door, and smart locks give us the opportunity to check that and lock them remotely if needed.

When going to bed at night, you might take extra measures such as using a deadbolt, but these cannot be put to good use when you have left the house. However, with a smart lock system you can operate a motorised deadbolt to ensure your home benefits from the best security at all times.

Smart security is now the ideal way to keep your home safe in the easiest way possible. It offers convenience and peace of mind as well as being very effective and keeping the right people out.

Home Security Cameras

In today’s smart home era, wireless home security cameras are essential for maintaining safety. Offering AI-enhanced clear images and precise human detection, they minimize false alerts and keep you informed about suspicious activities. These cameras are designed to integrate with smart systems like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, giving you control over your home’s security. Plus, with military-grade encryption, your data and footage are securely guarded. Explore our range of wireless home security cameras and upgrade your home’s security today at Network Hardwares!