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How to Get the Professor Hooked to Your Homework With the Perfect Introduction?

You must have heard the saying “morning shows the day.” An introduction creates the first impression of your article, and more than 68% of readers decide whether they want to read on based on the intro. The same rules apply to your homework as well. The introduction of your assignment creates the first impression on your professor, and thus affects your grades.

Writing the perfect introduction is not an easy task. Students often seek HW answers from online services that offer help with things as specific like what points to cover in the introduction.

Students often end up writing generic statements and exaggerated stories that may seem intriguing, but are not relevant to the topic of the essay. If you have similar issues while writing your homework, you can follow this article to find some ways to hook your professor with the introduction.

Ask an Intriguing Question

You can take advantage of the inquisitive nature of people to create a hook in the introduction. Pose a question in the introduction that is related to the subject of your essay, and the professor can get the answer only if he or she reads through your homework. But when you place a question as a hook in the introduction, make sure that your article answers that question thoroughly. If your professor is not satisfied with the answer, he or she will give you lower grades.

Take a Stance

You can offer a declaration in the introduction that shows your stand on the topic. It is similar to assertively presenting an argument. Taking a stance is an effective way to get the professor hooked to your homework because he or she will read your assignment to see how well you defend your argument.

Once again, if you use a stance to hook your professor to your essay, you have to ensure that the body of the article provides enough evidence to support your argument. Make sure that your statement and the evidence you provide connects with the topic that you are writing about. You can also use citations and quotes to support your stand. Statistical data is also a great way to provide evidence in support of your argument.

 How to Get the Professor Hooked to Your Homework With the Perfect Introduction?

Use a Metaphor

Using a metaphor to create a hook in the introduction works because it will make your professor think about the subject matter differently. It will make your professor wonder what you mean by that, and do you relate the topic with that metaphor. Using a metaphor can be effective, but it is tricky to accomplish.

Since metaphors also invoke thoughts, the professor will be interested to see what opinion you have chosen to provide and support in the article. The professor would also want to see how well you have related the metaphor with the topic of your homework.

Tell a Tale

You can hook your professor to your assignment with a short episode that is relevant to the subject of your essay. If your short story is well written, your professor would be interested in finding how your homework pans out.

Story hooks can lengthen your introduction a bit more than the regular standards, so you must support that appropriately. It is another aspect that your professor will mark in your homework. If you cannot justify the additional length of your homework, you will get lower grades. However, a well-written story that relates to the subject of your homework can ensure that you get higher grades for it.

Use a Description

You can describe an essential aspect of your homework in the introduction to create a hook. If the point is well-described at the beginning of the essay, the professor will feel intrigued to see how well you support the desperation in the body of the article. Your professor will also judge whether you have described the other points of the essay with equal importance or not.

Use a Quotation

Using quotations in the introduction is considered an old-school method to hook the reader. Therefore, if you use a quotation in the introduction, make sure that it is something out of the box. Your quotation must support the topic of your homework, as well as the body of the article. When you use a quotation, make sure that you follow the referencing format approved by your professor to avoid plagiarism.

Providing a hook can be an effective way to impress your professor and get better grades for your homework. If you are still not sure about writing an introduction for your essay.