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How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Like a Pro

A woman and a dog coming out of a doorway of a house decorated with Christmas lights


When the festive season comes around, it’s time to get those Christmas lights out and light up the neighborhood. The festive season is that one time of the year when you can get really creative and make your house the envy of the neighborhood, while spreading good cheer of course. However, outdoor Christmas lights installation isn’t as easy and straightforward as it looks. There are various factors to consider in order to ensure safety and the best effect. Below we share expert tips to guide you to the best Christmas lights display in the neighborhood.

Measure Before You Buy

The first step to achieving a spectacular Christmas light display is to ensure that you have the string lights to achieve your design. You should start out by measuring the areas you will install the string lights to. You should be careful to account for factors such as areas where you will install lights in a spiraling design. You should also account for the distance to the nearest grounded outlet.

Make a Diagram

Don’t run off to the store just yet. You need to determine exactly what you will purchase and how much you will need to purchase. Make a diagram of your house and include the measurements you have taken. Remember that the string lights should not be installed such that they are pulled tight. You should leave room for expansion and contraction due to changes in the environment. You should also determine the effect you want to create with the lights display. Use the simple formula of distance divided by 6 to determine the number of lights needed. 6 inches between each bulb is ideal for a fuller look.

 A Christmas Wreath Hanging on a Door of a Wooden House Decorated with String of Lights

Buy Bulk Socket Lines Online

There’s a big difference between the materials you use for outdoor lights and those you use for indoor lights displays. Standard Christmas lights will be damaged quickly when exposed to the elements. They also will not provide adequate brightness to achieve the effect you’re going for. A great way to get lights for your outdoor display is to shop online. Search for Christmas lights outside the house and purchase socket lines in bulk. You can easily cut this off as desired to create your design.

Install Lights

Be especially cautious when you install Christmas lights on the house. There is a great risk of falling from height and injuring yourself. Take the time to ensure that the ladder you are using is sturdy and in good condition. You should ask someone to spot you and keep the ladder secure as you climb. Make use of universal clips to secure the lines under your roof’s shingles as well as onto your gutters. You can use hot glue for metal surfaces. Painter’s tape will come in handy to keep the lights in place as you glue hardens.

Add Grounded Power Stakes

Ensure safety and prevent the risk of electrocution by installing grounded power stakes. Some of these stakes come with an energy saving option that places a timer to turn off your display and save energy.

All is Ready

Now your display is ready. Remember that you can adjust these tips to suit your specific needs and requirements.

You May Need The Help of A Professional Team

You can save a great deal of time and money by hiring the team at Colorado Christmas Lights for professional Christmas light installations in Boulder. Our team offers comprehensive services for the installation of Christmas lights. We will guide you through the design of your lights display and handle the sourcing of materials and décor as well as the installation. Our team will maintain, take down and store the lights for you too. Get in touch with us to learn more.