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How To Incorporate Greenery In Apartments

How To Incorporate Greenery In Apartments

Living in an apartment is more popular than ever, however, there are some sacrifices that apartment dwellers must deal with such as the lack of greenery around their property. Yet, despite having no access to a garden, many apartments are now designed with green space in mind, due to the environmental and wellbeing benefits. Having greenery in the home is known to purify the air and lift your spirits, making it a safe and clean space for all.

If you feel as though your apartment could benefit from an injection of greenery, you should take a look at these top tips which will help you transform your humble abode.

Plant decor

The great thing about plants is that they can make anything look fresh and pretty, so when shopping for decorations, you may want to buy some indoor plants which can be placed in different rooms in your apartment. If you have a studio apartment where there is limited space, you could consider purchasing some hanging plants which can be fixed on the wall. These can be real or fake, although if you’re opting for the former you should select some low-maintenance plants like aloe or a spider plant.

If you have an expansive apartment, you could consider buying tree-sized plants like a giant cactus which can be used as a focal point for your lounge. This will add something unique to your apartment and is also a great talking point when you have your new neighbors over.

 How To Incorporate Greenery In Apartments

Leisure space

Some apartment owners have the luxury of a balcony which they use as a place to relax or even do some exercise it is big enough. These are usually adorned with artificial grass or plants to make it appear more homely, while also providing the perfect place for yogis to practice their sun salutations.

Some tenants living in new-build apartments benefit from communal green spaces, especially in central areas where tenants may not have access to local parks. For example, north-west based property company RW Invest features communal gardens and rooftop terraces in a number of their properties, offering tenants a place to socialize and unwind after a long day of work, while enjoying the views and taking in the fresh air.

 How To Incorporate Greenery In Apartments

Indoor garden

If you’re looking to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you may want to consider implementing an indoor herb garden in your home. This will enable you to grow your own garnishes like mint or thyme, which is a much cheaper and sustainable method than just buying them from your local supermarket.

To grow herbs successfully, you need to make sure that you plant them near a sunny window or have sufficient lighting to ensure they spring up properly. You also need to make sure your pots have enough drainage holes to allow water to escape, although you should remember to keep a saucer underneath the container to avoid any damage to surfaces. By sticking to the rules, you will be able to keep up your indoor herb garden, while also making your home feel fresh and more environmentally-friendly.