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How to Know When Your Industrial Door Needs Repairing

right after seeing your face!

Industrial door maintenance is really important to ensure your property and goods remain secure, whilst keeping your industrial door working as it should be. With these doors being used frequently throughout the working day and night, it is really vital to keep them maintained and repaired when necessary. Hormann have helped highlight some signs to look out for which may indicate your industrial door requires repair. 

Unwanted Noises

You may have started to notice concerning noises such as grating, grinding, squeaking, or even loud banging when opening and closing, can be a sign the door is broken or damaged, and is not secure. This may be sacrificing the safety and security of your premises. It is important to get a service booked in as soon as you start to hear unusual and irregular noises coming from your industrial door. It may be something very simple, but it is always worth getting this checked by an experienced engineer who can service your door to ensure it is working as it should be. 

 right after seeing your face!

The Door Is Not Opening and Closing Properly

It really could be as simple as this, the most important feature of your industrial door. Having the confidence in your door operating properly will protect your staff and your company assets from damage or theft. You may have started to notice the door takes longer to open and close or is getting stuck or jammed when closing. A quick repair will ensure the door is kept in top condition, and your premises secure. 

There is Obvious Damage to the Door 

Any dents or damage on your industrial door is a definitive sign your door needs repairs. Leaving damage un-repaired could ultimately lead to bigger problems in the future such as rust, leaving the door to be replaced. If you notice or are aware of any damage, it is best to get this repaired ASAP. 

Benefits of Regular Industrial Door Maintenance 

Having regular services and maintenance checks on your doors, will help keep the door in top condition. By doing this you will increase the life span of the door, whilst also being able to spot and fix any issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems to fix. This will also help to avoid having to buy a replacement door which would be expensive.