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How to Locate Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

The idea of tracking your spouse’s phone – or the phone of anyone for that matter -probably sounds weird. Nobody wants a suspicious loved one, and sometimes, some men have the question, how to locate my wife’s phone without her knowing. Nonetheless, even if your relationship is strong enough and trust-issue-free, it can be really straightforward to monitor someone’s phone location with just an app, it doesn’t have to be about infidelity alone.

Phone spyware is all you need to monitor your wife’s whereabouts. It allows you to use its built-in GPS to track the location of the mobile phone. This will enable you to know the phone’s changed location every few minutes. You can also set up geofencing zones so that you get notified when she goes to a particular spot. You will get notified on your phone within minutes of her arrival. Using this method, you can put an end to thinking about “how to locate my wife’s cell phone without touching it” without even touching her phone, you can keep track of each and every cell phone operation of your wife secretly. Isn’t that fantastic?

Reasons Why You Want to Locate Your Wife

It’s no secret that relationships are based on trust, but that’s not all that there is to it. Occasionally, to make sure your wife is absolutely honest and loyal, you may need to resort to other tactics such as looking into and monitoring your partner’s phone. Besides, many men with the question of how to track my wife do have a valid reason to do so. 

There are various reasons for wanting to locate your wife’s phone.

  • Proof of Infidelity

In most instances, the main reason why most spouses spy on their partners is to gather pieces of evidence of an affair. If your wife cheated before in the past or you’re suspecting your wife to be cheating and lying about where she goes to, it’s enough reason to suspect where she frequents.

  • Concern

If your wife has an addiction, it is safe to see where she goes to, whether to drink, use drugs, or gamble away the family’s money.

  • Surprises

Another good cause is for surprises. If your thought “how to locate my wife’s phone without her knowing ” revolves around throwing surprises for your wife, you can decide to track your wife’s location if her birthday or your wedding anniversary is coming up, so you can throw her elaborate parties.

Methods How to Locate My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing 

There are some efficient methods by which you can track wife’s phone for location. You can either install your device’s telephone number tracker program or application, use CNAM search, or browse via the Google search engine or social media sites.  But let’s get them addressed in depth.

 How to Locate Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

Use mSpy application 

When it comes to tracking mobile phones’ location, mSpy is the recommended tracker. The spy app has a considerable reputation as one of the best mobile phone tracking applications. Needless to say, it will become much easier to secretly locate your wife by phone with the GPS tracker, and it covers all of the basic monitoring features (calls and SMS monitoring, access to target’s social media, emails, and so on). 

  • Create an account

Choose the mSpy subscription bundle that fits your requirements. This is a required step before setup. You will get an email once the subscription is already paid for.

  • Installation

You need to find deactivate Play Protect on the target computer first to install mSpy. Then log in and follow the guide steps on your Control Panel. The set-up method is easy and requires no technical expertise of any sort. 

  • Start monitoring

To begin monitoring, sign in to the mSpy Control Panel and fill in the details of the target device.

Find My Device for Android

When you use an Android device, whether you misplace it or lose it, or are the victim of theft, certain software and processes will help you determine its location. To monitor your phone, Find My Device can be of huge help. Your PC or another cellphone can be used. The software is free for download, and it simplifies the process of trying to get information about your wife’s location.

You can find your wife’s smartphone once the software is activated and running, as long as it is switched on and linked to Wi-Fi or mobile data. One of its superb characteristics is that with just a number, you can lock the system and drop a text. You can also trigger a very loud sound just to remotely uninstall the phone. Tracking methods for boyfriends or girlfriends can be the same, do not forget about it. Therefore, you can read a good collection https://mspylite.com/top-25-ways-to-catch-a-cheating-boyfriend/ which will also offer you new ways to catch a cheating partner.

 How to Locate Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

Find My device for iOS

If your wife does not use Android, Find My for iOS is just another good choice, and it works just like Find My Device. Even if the device is not connected to the internet, you can locate your wife’s phone, even lock and delete its data. The only difference from Find My Device is that Find My is already integrated into iOS, so you don’t have to import it from the App Store. 

There are few steps to be taken for the application to be activated; Settings first, then you click on Find My, and after, click Find My iPhone. Lastly, select Send the Last Location, and that’s all. You can now locate your wife’s phone through iCloud.com on the web or from any iOS by logging in to your iCloud ID.

Locate the phone using IMEI 

IMEI is a protective phone system that helps to recognize and differentiate cell phones from other devices. A special digital code made up of 15 characters is associated with each cellphone. IMEI has several features that can be remotely triggered, and one of the most significant characteristics that can be exploited by equipment identity is IMEI tracking. It lets you monitor a phone device’s location by just entering the IMEI that identifies the device. 

You can use this technology to know about your wife’s whereabouts. To find the exact location of the cellphone, all you have to do is dial *#06# on the target phone, and you can write down the digits then run IMEI tracking via a specialized platform. The downside to this, though, is the amount of time you might waste to locate the phone, as it might take a few hours or days for you to get results from the cellphone provider.


Your best shot at tracking the location of your wife’s phone is via a spy app. We have established in this article that mSpy is the best method to track your wife. Unlike the other options that’ll take you a few days before results and tedious processes, mSpy is fitted with mobile GPS tracking functions and other monitoring features that give you results instantly.