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How to Make a Bedroom Feel Like a Relaxing Space

Relaxing, peaceful, soothing – does this describe your bedroom right now? If the answer is no, or you just want some extra tips, then you’ll want to take some notes. Your bedroom should feel like a place of refuge from the world and the place you feel most at ease. Ensuring you also get 8 hours of sleep isn’t always easy, but you can start by reorganizing and shifting your bedroom with our tips below.

Tidy and declutter

Starting with the basics, make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy. Not only is it better hygienically and aesthetically, but it also means there’s less to overwhelm your senses. A great way to keep your bedroom clutter-free is to make your bed every morning, regularly put dirty clothes in the laundry basket and dispose of any rubbish that might have been left lying around.

Freshen up your bedding

Clean means comfortable. Findings from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that most people sleep better with fresh sheets. It’s recommended to clean your bedding at least once every two weeks, or every three to four days if you have pets and they sleep on your bed. It may also be worth investing in new bed sheets if you’ve had your current ones for a long time. Consider warm, light colours like cream to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Separate your workspace

With hybrid and remote work as the new norm, many of us find ourselves merging our office and bedroom into one. Working from our bedrooms can often impact sleep, as our brains start to associate our bedrooms with work, which should not be the case. Whether it’s dragging in a desk and stool to work from, installing a floating shelf as a little desk, or actually getting out of bed will help maintain it as your relaxing haven as opposed to associating it with stress and deadlines.

Consider aromatherapy

For the smaller details in the bedroom, aromatherapy can be great for making your evenings far more relaxing. Simple items such as candles, flowers or even a diffuser with scents like lavender can make all the difference – find what’s right for you. For individuals who enjoy white noise, perhaps consider an air purifier that has this feature.

Invest in artwork

When it comes to art, everyone’s taste is different. Choosing abstract artwork or watercolour pieces is a great way to set a soothing tone for your walls. For a more relaxing room, avoid anything that’s too bold or graphic, as it can add too much energy to your space. Also, consider keeping any artwork or imagery minimalistic within an oak or black square frame.

Ready for your bedroom transformation?

By transforming your bedroom into your own cozy sanctuary, you can find the relaxation you need at the end of the day and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and at peace.

Now you know how to create your relaxing bedroom haven, what are you waiting for?

Images courtesy of Doublespace and Pol Viladoms