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How to Make Stylish Neck Gaiters?

Who is not familiar with COVID-19? Today, even kids are highly aware of this term. Since 2019, the whole world is coping with a pandemic called Covid-19 and for this; people have to cover themselves with a mask. Often, people tend to use any other piece of cloth for protection. Everyone is confused about the fashion sense they usually adopt because wearing masks has become an essential part of their routine.  

If you are looking for something that covers your face from harmful environmental conditions along with maintaining your fashion and style, a neck gaiter will go best for you! 

It will give you a different and beautiful look and add charm to your personality. Having a stylish neck gaiter is very useful, but if you are looking to design one by yourself, you can. 

You are on the right track because this article will guide you through the tips & tricks and all the instructions through which you can make a stylish neck gaiter at home with much ease. Let’s look at the material we need to make it. 

Material Required

  1. Gather any cloth or a polyester fleece
  2. Another stretchy patterned cloth or polyester fabric 
  3. A thread of your own color choice and a sewing machine

Only with the help of these three materials, you will end up making a stylish neck gaiter for yourself. To add up a stylish and cool look to your neck gaiter, buy some stickers or anything up to your choice which you can paste on your neck gaiter later on. 

Size Chart

A very important step is to determine the size of the neck gaiter you are planning to make because it will decide the measurements and size of cloth you need. 

The following size chart will be of great help to you:

SIZE Circumference Width Height
Small (S) 18” 8” 16”
Medium (M) 19” 9 ½ ” 16”
Large (L) 20” 10” 17”
Extra Large (XL) 21½ ” 10 ¾” 17”

The sizes of the neck gaiter will also vary depending on the age of the person i.e. children, adults, or an aged person. So you can choose the height and width according to your choice. However, this table will give a general overview and guidance about your size.

Now let’s see how we can make it. 

 How to Make Stylish Neck Gaiters?

Step-by-step process

  • The first and foremost step in making a perfect neck gaiter is to stretch your fabric in the right direction and place it uniformly on the table. 
  • Then by following the size chart, cut your fabric with a sharp scissor to avoid double cuts because double cutting gives a rough look to your fabric.
  • The next step is to sew your fabric by folding it from both the upper and bottom sides. First, sew the fabric from one side and then reverse and perform the same method. 
  • Fold up the fleece from the bottom and cover the patterned fabric inside the fleece. And then turn over your cloth to look at the seam you need to stitch.
  • Stitch your seam to the left side and then to the right side of the stitching line. Along with that, stitch one end of your folded fleece also.
  • Next, cut excess cloth from the corners of the fleece to give your neck gaiter a clean look. After that, turn the inside out. The patterned fabric will be in front now. 
  • Now make a tube by folding the right sides of the fleece together. Place the seam side of the fleece on top of the open end and leave about ½ portion of the fabric. It will be used to create the final seam. Now sew the tube from both sides.
  • Stitch the seam by using a rag and with a zigzag sewing machine. And trim the excess left-out fabric.
  • You will get an open end of the fleece and a seam end of the fleece with enough open-ended fleeces that will overlap the stitched side. 
  • Lastly, turn it again inside out and make the second stitching line, and then you will have a perfect neck gaiter to wear.
  • In order to give your neck a gaiter, choose the patterned fabric of your choice which will cover your face. You can add up further details and stickers on your neck gaiter to make it more adorable.

Follow these steps carefully; make your stylish neck gaiter by yourself at home without any difficulty! 

Benefits of a Neck Gaiter  

A very frequently asked question is that why one needs to wear a neck gaiter and what are its benefits. Following are the beneficial points which provoke people to wear neck gaiter:

  • The moisture-wicking fabric of the neck gaiter will keep the sweat off the skin and you won’t feel itchy by wearing it.
  • The neck gaiter will protect your neck and face from harmful ultra-violet radiation, wind, and dirt.
  • If you are planning to wear it in summers, you can dip it in cold water which will maintain your body temperature by producing a cooling effect. Whereas, in winters, its working is vice versa.
  • A plus point of wearing a neck gaiter is that even if it gets wet, it dries very quickly.

Sum up 

Wearing stylish neck gaiters is the new trending style in the year 2021 because the COVID pandemic is not over yet and therefore people have to cover themselves with something to reduce their chances of illness. You can get some really cool neck gaiters from Vivipins.com, they’re known for their best quality.

The steps of making this stylish neck gaiter will help you to stitch your neck gaiter at home according to your own choices!