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How to Make Sure You’re Ready to Work From Home

How to Make Sure You’re Ready to Work From Home

People are being urged to work at home if possible due to the coronavirus outbreak which is an intelligent step to take, but for those not used to working from home what can you do to make this a little easier? It can be quite different from working in an office with a number of perks but a few unique challenges too.

Have a Dedicated Space

One of the most important tips is to have an area in the room that is designated for working. This will help you to work to the best of your abilities and avoid distractions but it will always be helpful for separating your personal and professional life (a big challenge for many).

Stick to a Routine

It is a smart idea to stick to a similar routine so that you can maintain some similarity and also so that you can easily adjust once you return to regular work. You may want to enjoy perks like getting up slightly later and working in your pyjamas but it is important to have a routine and to maintain professionalism at all times. Additionally, once you the day is finished it is important that you stop working so that you do not have work interfere with your home life.

 How to Make Sure You’re Ready to Work From Home

Avoid Cabin Fever

Cabin fever and isolation can be a big problem with remote working which is why you need to make sure that you get out of the house. This is obviously harder than normal at the moment with social distancing and places like cafes and gyms shut but even a walk around the block, visiting a friend or going for a run can make a big difference. Additionally, be sure to speak to people on the phone/via webcam so that you can have some social interaction each day.

Invest in Equipment

Of course, in some industries you might need to invest in some equipment so that you can work from home. As an example, if you are a hairdresser you will need hair cutting scissors and other equipment so that you can continue to provide a high-quality service. 

Many people are starting to work from home which can be a big shock to those that are not used to this way of working. It certainly has a few benefits but there will also be challenges so hopefully these tips will help you to overcome these and work productively during this challenging period.