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How To Market Sunshine Coast Units For Sale Fast 

How To Market Sunshine Coast Units For Sale Fast 

Thinking of making money out of residential units for sale? Property and unit selling has become a profitable trade that many have been wanting to jump into. Now that the ball is in your court, here are some expert tips about how you can sell them fast in a competitive and saturated market through repairs, bathroom renovations, and low-cost revamping.

Tips To Sell Property Units Quickly: Unit Prepping

1. Clean And Repair: The Supreme Duo 

When preparing units for selling, you’re going to have to do some spring cleaning and repairs, regardless of the season, of course. These are tasks that will make a huge difference in letting a unit graduate from mediocre to va-va-voom. 

It’s not about splurging on a total overhaul. Simply clean up what needs to be cleaned up. At the same time, fix that which needs fixing. For the latter, it’s best to hire professionals from companies centred on home renovations Melbourne professionals offer.

2. De-Personalize  

Picture frames of the family on the walls, cushions knitted with the names of your kids, magnets holding up documents and school papers. You get the idea. The point is that you have to discard these items. Or at least, put them in storage now that the place is up for sale. 

No home renovations and bathroom renovations required here (as we’ve mentioned earlier). What you want to do is to de-personalize every nook and cranny to help potential buyers envision themselves as the “owners”, and not mere “visitors” in YOUR home. 

3. Other Makeovers 

This one ties in with the “repairing” aspect of step 1. Note which portions are in dire need of revamping. Focus on the obvious parts. By the way, bathroom makeovers are vital. So are plumbing and electrical wirings. These are some of the major points buyers tend to keep an eye out for.

Hence, get those bathroom renovations done as soon as possible, and before any drop-in visits are scheduled.

Tips To Sell Property Units Quickly: Seller Strategy 

1. To Real Estate Agent Or Not-To Real Estate Agent 

Although this one’s pretty much up to you, we’d like to say that partnering with a real estate agent or firm will help you get in touch with a pool of buyers. These specialists already have strong connections in the market and can aid you in this respect.

Be sure to hire someone who belongs to a real estate verified agency. Ask them about their experience in this profession, licensure, how often they’re able to assist their clients in closing a sale, etc. Likewise, seek recommendations and feedback from those who’ve experienced working with said agents or agencies.  

2. The “When” Of Selling  

Expert realtors all agree that there’s a season that typically attracts the most number of buyers. Just as spring flourishes your surroundings, so has it proven to be the busiest time of the year as it flourishes unit and property sales. 

However, there are other factors that affect this, too. Since you’re on the sunshine coast, Aussies are going to want units for the summer! Plus, the season right before beach-weather sometimes sees an influx of buyers as they usually want to seal the deal before winter’s over. 


In other words, align your plans with these pointers for a higher chance of finally locking-in the transaction and transferring ownership to your buyer! Make sure to complete home renovations projects beforehand or visit mwhomes.com.au for more seller suggestions.