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How to Open a Velux Skylight Window

Many homeowners and real estate developers go a step further to create healthy, bright and energy-efficient places to live in. One incredible technique they have utilized is the installation of skylight windows. This is a type of window set in a ceiling or roof at the same angle to admit light. 

You cannot understate the benefits of installing skylights. Many people will focus on having a brighter and lighter home. However, there are many benefits of choosing premium skylights, window openers and have the best professional roofing companies near you install them. 

Don’t have any reservations about investing in and installing a Velux skylight window. Here are a number of benefits these windows will give your home. Read on.

  • They are environmentally beneficial and will reduce your dependence on electricity to light your home. Hence you will reduce your electricity bills in the long run as there is no need for heating.
  • Bring natural light to your rooms and increase positivity and energy to your home.
  • Enhance the interior of your home by making it appear more open and aesthetically pleasing.
  • They help eliminate moisture and foul odours in your home with better ventilation.
  • The natural sunlight a skylight provides is good for your health. It helps reduce anxiety and stress and do other wonders to your body.
  • Increase the value of your home. Many buyers will give your home the first priority if you are selling and if you have already installed skylights. 

Opening a Velux Skylight Window- What to Know

The positioning of your skylights is quite imperative. Sometimes you will want to open your Velux skylight windows. If the windows were not installed by a professional, you would have trouble opening them. 

Significantly, the windows will be installed without compromising the structural integrity of the roof. The skylights will be sealed appropriately to allow easy opening. A new homeowner may not know how to open a skylight efficiently. 

The good news? Here are reliable methods you can embrace. Have a look:

How to Open Skylight Manually

  1. Locate the handle on one side of the skylight window.
  2. Turn the handle and towards you and make sure it’s pointing towards the attic.
  3. Push the window towards the outside until it’s opened to the size you desire.

 How to Open a Velux Skylight Window

How to Open Skylight Window Using a Pole 

  1. You can stand on a small ladder to reach the window.
  2. Locate the fastener on the skylight.
  3. Press gently up on the skylight.
  4. Flip the handle lever to unlock the window.
  5. Press up and latch the skylight open to preferred width.

Open Skylight Using Velux Window Opener

The Velux window opener comes with an adjustable head that you can hook up to your skylight and open it up wide as you desire. It’s easy to use this tool:

  1. Depending on the Velux window opener model you buy, extend or retract the pole and turn top section clockwise to lock it at the correct length.
  2. Pull pole down and at a 45-degree angle to the skylight, and it will open to the desired breadth. 
  3. To close the already open window, just stand below the latch and push your window opener upwards.

Plug-in Electric Opener and Open Skylight

If trying to open a hard to reach skylight, use the plug in electric opener. The window opener is easy to fit in. You just need to plug into a mains socket and open the window from anywhere. The plug in electric opener is suitable for the elderly and disabled who can’t reach and manually open skylight windows. 

To Sum Up 

A skylight window can add magic to your home cost-effectively. However, you need to pick a design that you can easily open and let fresh air and natural light into your rooms. Most importantly, let a professional roofing company handle the installation project for the best skylight window positioning and sealing. If you’re looking for a skylight installer in Central Florida, look no further than Clear-vue Skylights.