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How to plan your 2021 UK Easter getaway for less

How to plan your 2021 UK Easter getaway for less

Easter is the perfect time for a break away from the daily grind. Whether you’re thinking of jetting off on a romantic break for two or heading on holiday with the family, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Here, we explore how to book a fantastic Easter break in the UK without breaking the bank. 

Set a spending limit

First things first, set yourself a strict spending limit for your trip. You should do this before you book anything to make sure your accommodation, travel and activities are within budget. After all, a holiday should be enjoyable and relaxing, which it’s not going to be if it’s putting your finances under strain. If you don’t have much cash to splash, there are alternative funding options available. But before you go down this route, ensure that you can keep up with repayments and never borrow more than you can afford. 

Book travel in advance 

You can often take advantage of reduced fares when you book your travel in advance. This is particularly relevant for train travel, as the cheapest tickets are usually released 8-12 weeks before the departure date. So, if you’re planning a relaxing break at the seaside and want to travel by train, it’s worth looking at tickets now. 

 How to plan your 2021 UK Easter getaway for less

Think outside the (travel) box

You may also bag a bargain by thinking outside the box a little. If you always travel from the same station or airport, have you checked out fares from another one? There may be cheaper tickets available departing from an alternative place, so explore your options before buying. Plus, you can sometimes reduce the cost of travel by splitting your journey into sections rather than booking your entire return journey in one go. Check out parts of the journey with different operating companies to try and bag a bargain.

Pre-book activities

If you know where you’re going and you’ve sorted your travel, it’s time to book tickets for activities. Many holidaymakers wait and pay on entry to attractions – but this can often be much more expensive. Instead, do some research to see if the company offers reduced price tickets when you book in advance online. For instance, the Sea Life Aquarium group offer significant discounts if you book online – sometimes up to 40% off, depending on the location. This is a great way to enjoy the same experience for less – what’s not to love?!  

Now that you know some tricks for bagging a bargain, you can plan your Easter getaway for less. Happy holidaying!