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How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Cleaning Project 

Roof cleaning with high pressure cleaner

Any homeowner understands that a quality, well-installed roof can protect families for decades, increase the home’s value and improve its curb appeal. Naturally, roofs get exposed to harsh weather elements that accumulate debris and dirt, which create a conducive environment for algae, moss, and fungus to thrive.

The presence of moss, algae, and fungus deteriorates roof shingles, causing the wood to rot. This shortens the life cycle of a roof and results in costly repairs. Hiring the services of a roof cleaning Bonita Springs expert regularly is the surest way to eliminate or minimize these damages.

If you’re planning a roof cleaning project soon, here’s how you should prepare your home:

1. Give Your Neighbors A Heads Up 

Although roof cleaners may commit to doing a clean job, you should inform your neighbors about your upcoming roof-cleaning project a few days in advance.

If you live in a close-knit neighborhood, your neighbors are likely to be affected by the overspray. This can lead to disagreements with them so it’s best to let them know that you intend to clean your home’s roofing.

2. Remove Any Objects Outside The House

The other important step in preparing your home for a roof cleaning project is removing any objects outside your home. Most likely, the cleaning company will climb up to the roof to hose down the dirt. When they do so, the residue from the top may fall on anything on the ground. So, you need to plan ahead of time to be adequately prepared.

Start by assessing the areas surrounding your home a day before the roof cleaning experts show up. You may be tempted to cover outdoor furniture like garden chairs or barbeque stands with cloth, but moving them completely is better.

If you have a car parked on the driveway, park it safely in the garage or move it out and park it on the street temporarily. This prevents debris from damaging the car while cleaning the roof. You may also want to consider moving any potted plants because the overspray can hurt their foliage. In addition, delicate plants may not be able to withstand the dirt and oxidation, so keep them somewhere safe.

 Close-up on high-altitude worker washing the roof with pressurized water

3. Clear Tree Branches 

You need to clear any tree branches hanging over your roof as part of preparing your house for roof cleaning. Tree branches that hang closely over your roof can make it difficult for roof cleaners to remove dirt and debris. Make the cleaning process seamless by trimming tree branches so that roof cleaners can have access to all parts of the roof without any obstacles.

4. Redirect Your Water System From Rainwater Tanks 

It would be best to change your gutters to avoid draining dirty water into your rainwater tanks before cleaning your roof. Your underground water can get contaminated if the residue and dirt on your roof get into your storage tanks. Redirect your water system from the rainwater tanks and leave it until the next downpour to ensure all residue gets flushed out.

5. Close All Windows 

The other thing you must do when preparing for a roof cleaning project is to close all the windows. Leaving your windows open during roof cleaning can allow dirt to get into your home, which creates more mess. Avoid this by checking your windows and ensuring they are closed way before commencing roof cleaning tasks.

6. Get Pets To Safety 

Roof cleaning can be noisy, which can bother pets or make them uncomfortable. If you have pets and feel the noise may affect them, consider moving them to safety. You could ask a friend or a family member to take care of them on the day the roof cleaning activities occur.

If you have pets in the backyard that may be affected by the overspray, keep them from acquiring health complications by moving them temporarily before the roof cleaners hit the ground. You can also place them in boarding kennels to ensure that they do not come into contact with chemicals that may be used to clean the roof.

Final Thoughts 

The roof is among the vital features of a home. Besides protecting your family from harsh weather environments, a roof increases your home’s value and curb appeal. Therefore, regular cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining your roof.

Removing dirt and debris from the roof protects it from pests, prevents water damage, protects the interior parts, and extends its lifespan. But roof cleaning isn’t a project to be undertaken without prior planning. Doing so can result in a costly mess. The next time you want to clean your roof, prepare well by taking the six steps discussed above.