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How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

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There are plenty of ways to do good for the environment, live a greener lifestyle, and reduce your carbon footprint. But sometimes recycling isn’t enough. By reducing your kitchen waste, you can minimize your impact even more. Read on to find out how to easily incorporate these top green kitchen habits.

Buy loose food or items in biodegradable packaging

Your trash can quickly fills up when all your shopping comes pre-packed in plastic and foil containers. You can reduce the amount of kitchen waste you produce by purchasing loose fruit and vegetables. Some grocery stores also allow customers to bring their own containers to buy oats or grains. Packaging that can be reused or is biodegradable is a good option to keep the trash from overflowing.

 How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Minimize food waste

There are several ways to lower the amount of food waste you produce. To avoid throwing out items that become spoilt too early, learn a few tricks to store food properly in the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables that look a little older still make great additions to smoothies. Overripe bananas can be frozen for a tasty treat or as a basis for vegan ice cream. Scraps and skins can be added to the compost. By saving your vegetable trimmings like onions, you can easily grow your own veggies indoors or outdoors.

Plan your meals in advance

This one can be tricky as we’ve all been tempted to buy extra tasty treats displayed on supermarket shelves that we didn’t plant on purchasing, but when you plan your meals in advance you’ll be able to focus on the items you need. One simple trick is to go for recipes that share the same ingredients. That way, you’ll be able to shop in bulk which also reduces costs.

Leftovers are delicious

If the leftovers are piling up in your fridge and freezer, there are plenty of creative recipes to use them in your meals. From casseroles to soups – many delicious dishes call for the foods you’ve stashed away at the back of your fridge.

 How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Keep a pile of reusable bags on hand

Fabric bags and reusable plastic bags are a shopper’s best friends. They’re incredibly practical and help cut down on plastic waste. Just keep a small stash in a kitchen cupboard, the car, the hallway and your purse. That way, you’ll always have one handy for the times when you need them most.

Swap the paper towels for fabric cloths

Paper towels can’t be reused which means that households end up throwing away far too many of them. When you’re looking to reduce your kitchen waste, you’ll want to swap the paper for fabric towels. Microfiber cloths, for example, are highly absorbent and a useful solution to quickly soak up spills.